Epic Empire: Tower Defense MOD 1.3 (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Gems, Unlock All Characters)

By MinhDuc - New update 17/05/2024
Epic Empire: Tower Defense MOD {{version}} (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Gems, Unlock All Characters)
Name Epic Empire: Tower Defense
Version v1.3
Size 123MB
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Gems, Unlock All Characters
Support Android 5.1
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Amaterasu Games


Epic Empire: Tower Defense MOD APK is a strategy game that offers novel gameplay. With an extremely attractive classic tower defense style. Join the game, you will become a general of the defending army. Including towers, heroes, and troops,… The goal is to defeat enemies in the dark to protect your kingdom. It’s a long defense campaign with hundreds of levels. To conquer each level, you need an effective team management strategy. Try to combine towers and heroes in many ways, to find the right path. In addition, upgrading the squad will increase its strength. From there, you can easily overcome all battles, win and receive hundreds of valuable gifts.

Download Epic Empire: Tower Defense Mod – Captivating Tower Defense Strategy Gameplay

Tower defense is one of the most popular themes in mobile titles. Game Epic Empire: Tower Defense was released recently, but soon attracted a large number of players around the world. This is thanks to the careful investment in both quality and content and image systems. The game has hundreds of different levels and offers hundreds of exciting battles. In addition, it has dozens of heroes, towers, and skills for players to discover. As a result, you can come up with a variety of creative squad strategies. From there, speed up the formation process. Pass the rounds with many levels and difficulties in succession.

Epic Empire Tower Defense Mod

Join the defense campaign

The plot of Epic Empire: Tower Defense Mod is clearly shown in the campaign mode. This mode includes hundreds of levels with challenges ranging from easy to difficult. In each level, you must defeat dozens of different enemies to protect the ancient kingdom. They entered the defensive point in waves, moving along fixed paths. Before the battle begins, you have the right to choose the heroes to go to the battlefield. Next, it will be necessary to arrange the towers at the main points to create a satisfactory defense matrix.

Epic Empire Tower Defense Mod

After organizing the defense, select “Start” to start the battle in game Epic Empire: Tower Defense. Extremely simple gameplay brings many new things. So when the battle takes place, the turret and minions will automatically attack the nearest target. Hero control is up to you. Can recruit 3 heroes at once and control them at will. Each hero has its own set of 4 skills with different effects. Learn how to maximize its power to aid the strategic defense. Powerful skills will help you change the battlefield.

Explore tower defense

The defense system of Epic Empire: Tower Defense Mod is quite diverse. Each type of tower has the same shape but has a distinct highlight. Specifically, it has up to 4 basic types of towers, including stone golems, archers, infantry, and mages. And you need to find an effective strategy to unleash the potential of each tower type. Like the archer tower, can deal massive damage from a distance. The stone golem tower also deals high damage but has a low cooldown. The infantry tower has high mobility. Finally, the mage tower deals magic damage.

Epic Empire Tower Defense Mod

Diverse hero system

In addition, game Epic Empire: Tower Defense also brings more than 10 different heroes with their own abilities. Although designed for illustration only, heroes play an equally important role in the defense team. Each hero has a set of attributes with stats like HP, damage, defense, and speed. In addition, each family has a set of 4 main skills plus other active and passive skills. You can upgrade to improve attribute stats. The higher the level, the more diverse the skill set, allowing players to experiment with different strategies.

download Epic Empire Tower Defense Mod

The heat of Epic Empire: Tower Defense Mod is undisputed. Because the graphic style is well designed with classic style 2D graphics. The details, from the tower to the heroes, pets, enemies,… All are shown in a vivid way. The effects of the tower and the hero’s abilities are also impressive. A battlefield is always a place for battles to take place. The effects are also interwoven. Along with that, the sound system is also extremely lively. The battle to attack the enemy is a series of effects and extremely fun sounds. Promises to bring players a great feeling every time they experience this game.

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