Faily Rider Mod APK 11.12 (Free Shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/10/2023
Faily Rider Mod APK 11.12 (Free Shopping)
Name Faily Rider
Latest Version v11.12
File capacity 54MB
MOD Features Free Shopping
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers Spunge Games Pty Ltd


Bringing part 2 of the game from publisher Spunge Games Pty. Faily Rider Mod is an action title, test your driving skills to overcome super fun obstacles. Last time poor Phil Faily had a problem with his car, it was his motorcycle. He had to drive his motorbike alone on a road full of obstacles and vehicles. Collecting coins, and loot, and protecting yourself from dangers is the most important task. Let’s go together, contribute and try to see how far you will go. The endless journey on the road frame and the increasingly difficult challenge on the same road will be an endless inspiration for a driver. With a friendly and easy control mechanism and fun cartoon graphics style, it will surely bring you memorable memories.

Download Faily Rider Mod – Obstacle driving journey

Get ready to race in Faily Rider Mod. You will be sitting on a motorbike with a big engine on a new map that has never been seen in real life. Make players enjoy extremely simple and addictive driving mechanics. Because the game is designed in a humorous action style, allowing players to experience the acrobatics in the air and the painful fall as if it were real. With a sharp cartoon graphic design, it brings the most authentic feeling, making the player’s experience moments very interesting. Along with that is the lively sound through each scene. The sound of the engine howling is like a real-life experience. Besides, it is also possible to record your playing process and then share it on social networking communities. Do not hesitate to invite friends or relatives to experience the same.Tai Faily Rider Mod

Explore challenging roads

During the picnic, the character Phil Faily will accidentally gets lost on dangerous roads. Now, he has to face steep slopes, cacti-filled paths, boulders, roadblocks, and more. Your job is to help him overcome the difficulties ahead to go the farthest distance to write his name on the leaderboard. It is not easy to hear, but the game mechanics are very approachable and easy to understand. The control mechanism of the game is even easier than the control mechanisms of the usual endless pry games. When coming to the game, the friend does not need to jump or slide without doing anything too sublime, but simply turn right or left with two virtual arrows in the bottom corner of the screen.Game Faily Rider Mod

When the vehicle is moving at high speed, it is not easy to observe and act in time, so you can be immediately hit by a rock, leading to loss of control and collision with cactus bushes or countless obstacles. So shy ahead is waiting for you. And simply after countless collisions, you will have a crazy, painful fall. That means you have failed and have to start that level again. On the next replay, you will see that everything around has changed and is no longer the same. The position of the obstacles, the scenery, and the speed are all different. Thus requires agility to avoid obstacles ahead, it all depends on you. Let’s do well to surpass the previous match’s performance.

Skins system

Faily Rider Mod has many cool and new things for you. First, it’s a system of skins for characters and motorcycles. You can unlock dozens of character skins to add to your collection: a girl, a cowboy, a policeman, a shipper, a super cool racer, and more. Besides, you should not ignore luxury vehicles such as off-road motorcycles, pizza delivery trucks, and police motorcycles … Combined, you will have a masterpiece on the road that makes many people admire.

Fun, rich map

In addition, Faily Rider Mod also brings a highly diverse and eye-catching map system, designed in the form of many themes. You can drive at high speed along the mountainside, on desert roads filled with cacti, on snowy land with hundreds of pine trees, in or city at night, and more. Each map will bring you different obstacles that you don’t know about. Cactus bushes, pine trees, rocks, trains, cars… can make you fall and start over again in a very excited mood.Download Faily Rider Mod

Do not hesitate to step right into the race of Family Rider Mod, where you can unleash your driving, obstacle course, and adventure. With the Mod feature, players can freely buy costumes for motorcycles or fashion clothes that they always want to add to the collection. What are you waiting for, come here and show how great your driving skills are. Where you can practice driving, overcome obstacles, and adventure together.

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