Fantasy Raid Mod APK 1.6.0 (Dumb Enemies)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/11/2023
Fantasy Raid Mod APK 1.6.0 (Dumb Enemies)
Name Fantasy Raid: Diablo-like RPG
Version v1.6.0
Size 84MB
MOD Features Dumb Enemies
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Alda Games


Fantasy Raid Mod is an adventure game with an extremely interesting journey for you to experience. Become a character with a special weapon in hand, you will enter the labyrinth where the lair of monsters is. The goal is to kill them all without missing a single one. Each maze will have a separate map system, with the monster landmarks that appear will also be different. The journey is still very long, you will need to focus on your own health. Try to limit the amount of health consumed as little as possible. To be able to withstand the attacks of monsters.

Download Fantasy Raid Mod – Enter the Monster’s Labyrinth

Fantasy Raid Mod is an action-adventure game with extremely interesting gameplay for you to experience. Role-playing into the character in the game, you will begin the journey to conquer many of the game’s labyrinths. In order to be able to face off in a balanced way with a large number of monsters. You will get skills that can deal massive damage to destroy them quickly. Each skill will have very different implementations, along with the ability to cool down is not the same. Be careful when using these techniques. You should only use it when the monsters are really crowded. They should not be used arbitrarily because they need a certain time to be reused.

Download Fantasy Raid Mod

Start Joining

Fantasy Raid Mod is a game that you can join completely free on the mobile game store. It is popularly released on both Android and iOS operating systems. A very easy game for you to reach. Start the game with special instructions that help you understand all the features quickly and easily. After that will be the first gate, this place will have monsters with very low attack power and animal defense. So that you can walk through easily without any difficulty. The essence is just to let you get used to how to control the character and develop skills. Real difficult hurdles are still waiting for you ahead.

Game Fantasy Raid Mod

Various Items

Fantasy Raid Mod is a game where you will face a lot of monsters alone. To be able to balance with the difficult gates later. You can change your costumes and weapons to increase your attack and defense ability. New weapons will give you more damage when possessed. The special equipment will increase your health, armor, and movement speed … this equipment will be an indispensable thing that you will need to pay attention to. If you want to win where there are monsters with incredible power. Try to collect resources and exchange them for the best items in the game store.

Fantasy Raid Mod

Game Graphics

Fantasy Raid Mod is a game that uses 2D graphics as the main image. Brings you a lot of interesting animations when you start participating. The main interface of the game is made clear and seamless. You can see all the key features in a clear and understandable way. The layout is smart and completely logical. The scene on each game screen will change differently for you to have a variety of experiences. Sometimes it will be in a mysterious place with extremely dark colors. There are also times when you will fight in a place with extremely good lighting with bright colors. The detail in the game is done in a moderate way, in line with the gameplay that the manufacturer has created.

Fantasy Raid Mod

You will get a very useful feature when you download the game Fantasy Raid Mod at With the Dumb Enemies feature, all your opponents will stand motionless. They can no longer deal damage to you. You can freely fight and overcome them easily without any difficulty. No more fearing any opponent you face. Since they are now completely harmless, you will clear the game in the easiest way. This special feature is only available on the Mod version of the game, the regular version will not be available

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