Farming Fever MOD (Unlimited Money, Gold, Lives, Full Diamonds, Boosters Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 08/03/2024
Farming Fever MOD (Unlimited Money, Gold, Lives, Full Diamonds, Boosters Unlocked)
Name Farming Fever
Version v0.37.1.33
Size 100M
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gold, Lives, Full Diamonds, Boosters Unlocked
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Matryoshka


You are tired of the crowded city with many people passing by. I want to return to the peaceful countryside. Join Farming Fever MOD APK to become a real farmer. The game is a rare combination of farming simulation and culinary management. Thanks to that, since its launch, it has been well-received by many users. There have been 100 million downloads on mobile platforms and a lot of supportive comments. The game has a high entertainment factor, so it has extremely attractive gameplay. To develop the food business, we need to promote livestock. Grow more fruits and vegetables to add variety to the dishes. However, the busyness in the store is no less. When a large number of customers are waiting for dishes from fresh foods.

Download Farming Fever Mod – Create Fresh Items To Serve Your Customers

Game Farming Fever is a fairly realistic simulation game, from raising livestock to creating dishes. Having to leave the crowded city to return to the homeland, which is associated with farming and business. Becoming a talented chef is the desire of many people. Start, open a restaurant along with the model farm. From there, create special dishes for guests near and far. In particular, incorporating the time element. So every time you order something, it will take a certain amount of time. Each group of customers will have a waiting time at the shop. If they let them wait for too long, the experience will gradually decline, causing many undesirable consequences. As a result, the quality of service will be reduced, thereby reducing the store’s profit. Or conversely, cook you deliver food quickly. Customers will be satisfied and refer acquaintances to your shop. Experience will also increase accordingly.

Farming Fever Mod

Cultivation on the farm

Not only a chef, but you are also an extremely hard-working farmer. With self-employment to take care and develop the farm in Farming Fever Mod. Thereby providing a large amount of clean food for the restaurant. This model is gradually becoming popular in many stores. The restaurant uses clean food, and customers are assured of the quality of the food. This will lead to a huge amount of work. Besides cooking and serving customers, you also need to spend time harvesting and cultivating. If you don’t balance those things, your business will stagnate. The restaurant will be at a loss if there is no food to prepare.

Farming Fever Mod

Although the workload in game Farming Fever is quite large. The fun and attraction of the game are undeniable. Need to expand the land and farming location for more food. Build warehouses to increase the capacity to hold more items. It is also possible to build more ponds and lakes to raise fish for meat. Besides, players have the opportunity to own plant samples. From there, grow more kinds of agricultural products to serve the guests special dishes.

Development your restaurant

In Farming Fever Mod, players will develop restaurants. By serving the guests with dishes, from there, it brings in quite a large profit. Use the money earned to upgrade the shop. Re-improve the facilities, expand the restaurant, buy more tools and necessary machines, etc. As a result, the restaurant becomes much more versatile and modern. Maximize efficiency to give customers the best experience.

Farming Fever Mod

Brilliant, bright graphics

Game Farming Fever uses beautiful graphics, quite interesting. Designed under the 2D game platform with fresh colors. From there, it will give the player more energy to continue working. The details in the game are drawn very cutely. The surrounding images will make you feel like you are enjoying a cartoon. With extremely simple graphics but no less sharp. Enjoy the smoothness as no other game has. Game sound is also very important. Music will bring cheerful colors to the dishes. You will feel relaxed when you step into the kitchen or garden with beautiful sounds.

Download Farming Fever Mod

Overall Farming Fever Mod is a game you should experience even once. It will give the feeling of running a real store. Along with that, the process of farming and raising animals always creates a sense of excitement for players. With the support of the Mod, the version gives you a lot of benefits. Through each level, there will be a stage where you need to choose and buy yourself kitchen tools. Now you can choose whatever you think you need without worrying about the price. Makes playing the game a lot easier.

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