Farmscapes Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/10/2023
Farmscapes Mod APK (Unlimited Money)
Name Farmscapes
Version v2.5.2.0
Size 279MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 7.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Playrix


You want to change a new breeze, try the feeling of farming and taking care of animals. As well as testing your mind with puzzles, Farmscapes Mod will be a great choice. The game is published by the Playrix team. With the desire to give players the experience of farming. When given the job of helping the girl from the city to the farm. Find ways to renovate everything from broken things to abandoned land. By growing all kinds of plants to create flower gardens, growing vegetables, and fruits. Or raise more animals such as sheep, chickens, etc. to have more income. Or rely on participating in the puzzle process, playing a match-3 game. Pass through the gates, pass each level to receive prizes as well as test your talents. See what level the player’s intelligence reaches.

Download Farmscapes Mod – Build A Farm As You Want

Quickly download Farmscapes Mod to help the new girl from the city return to the countryside. Bring many surprises to a new life. Join the journey to develop and renovate the farm back to its former glory. By jobs such as reclamation, weeding, and tilling. Rework the fields to grow crops with all kinds of vegetables to make food. To flowers and fruit trees. As well as build more necessary works such as roads or street lights. Rebuild destroyed fences to ensure separation. Or check the barn to see if it can guarantee the breeding of all kinds of animals. If not, it will need to be repaired if damaged or built more if necessary. Make sure everything has the best conditions to grow as well as grow. And another special thing is how the shape of the farm depends on the player.Farmscapes Mod

Match-3 Challenges

One point that cannot be ignored in the Farmscapes Mod game is that it is integrated with a puzzle game. Is a challenge that the developer put in to challenge the player’s thinking ability. When participating in match-3 game-style matches. And also to earn rewards that are useful items when scoring high achievements. Or match three images that are blocks of the same color into a line. Create explosions, and obtain items equivalent to the results when successfully shattering blocks. Match-3 in this game also has combos that accumulate when reaching a certain value. Press can be used, for the purpose of creating large explosions. Often used in difficult times when facing a situation where you can’t think of a move that risks failure.Game Farmscapes Mod

Various Rewards

If you want to receive rewards in Farmscapes Mod to have an additional source of income to buy furniture. Or simply to repair destroyed buildings. Players will have two ways to perform the tasks assigned to them every day. For example, take care of animals, see what is needed, then respond. Plant more trees or build more buildings, etc. Or by participating in matches in a match-3 game. Try to pass many levels with increasing difficulty. And of course, the reward will also be increased proportionally.Tai Farmscapes Mod

Interesting Character Design

Farmscapes Mod is a farm game designed mostly with images of trees and vegetables. Lush green meadows with animals. But there are still two built-in characters that make the game stand out. With the girl, mary is a character living in the city with the choice to go to the countryside to develop a farm controlled by you. The other is the guy next door Philip, who can be considered the pre-established guide. With a lot of experience to show the female character you control can better understand the game. As well as the things that need to be prioritized when starting work to create a great farm.Download Farmscapes Mod

Farmscapes Mod is like most other games. Under the category of farming and livestock, renovating something. It will take a lot of money to make purchases. From there, there are enough conditions, all kinds of furniture work. In order to rebuild and decorate the old farm with many damaged items. Because of that inadequacy, the unlimited money mod was born. So that the player can buy any items deemed necessary. With the fastest speed, the farm can return to its original position. Even if the money value bar in the game returns to zero.

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