Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge Mod APK 1.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/11/2023
Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge Mod APK 1.1.4 (Unlimited Money)
Name Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge
Version v1.1.4
Size 65MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers GCenter


Try your hand at a whole new racing genre with Fast Fighter Mod. Created and developed by the GCenter team. Set in a time in the future, the world is in peril. Because artificial intelligence was so developed, it lost control and began to attack people. At this time, an organization was formed to fight back. And when joining and playing the game, players will become part of the organization. Carry on a special mission, and drive vehicles with weapons attached. Engage in intense races in pursuit of weapons that are controlled vehicles. To be able to approach within a certain distance, attack, destroy, stop it. But the real purpose of the game is to give players the most comfortable entertainment moments.

Download Fast Fighter Mod – The Perfect Combination Of Speed ​​And Combat

Fast Fighter Mod is not simply a high-speed driving game. Or built with the fighting genre. The game is a combination of the two with countless challenges created. To give players new experiences and visions when driving cars. Entering the game, the player will be prepared with a vehicle. To start participating in the journey with a lot of tasks to perform. These are campaigns to destroy out-of-control vehicles. Driven by artificial intelligence. Requirement the Player needs to prevent. By controlling your own vehicle equipped with an automatic fire weapon. Just try to approach as much damage as possible. Simultaneously move to avoid enemy attacks and dangers that appear along the way. With the aim of how to beat the target as quickly as possible. Minimize damage from it to the minimum.Tai Fast Fighter Mod

Fight With Many Bosses

The challenge of Fast Fighter Mod is designed to be a very long journey. But will be divided into many levels with increasing difficulty. In order for players to have more new experiences, fight to meet many opponents. Are targets that need to be destroyed due to loss of control, destroying everything. Along the way, there will be such targets constantly appearing, which need to be destroyed. But it will be simple and easy to destroy with a few hits. But the real challenge that the game is designed for players to try is the bosses that will appear at several milestone levels. The strength is not to be discussed, the size alone is much larger than the player. Health is free for the player to attack.Download Fast Fighter Mod

Upgrading Combat Abilities

For Fast Fighter Mod, there are two ways that players can apply to upgrade their fighting ability. The first is definitely the weapon. As something that can deal direct damage to the enemy, it is also the only method that can attack. If there are good types, destroying machines controlled by artificial intelligence will become easy. Compared to the original strength can be doubled, or tripled. Shoot up to several bullets at the same time, following the boss in each wave. The second is to upgrade the cars themselves. It is what determines whether the player survives or not. Because if you can dodge well from enemy attacks, you must rely on good cars.Game Fast Fighter Mod

Support Items

The matches that players will have to participate in when experiencing the Fast Fighter Mod game are many. At first, it may be just simple challenges. The enemy isn’t too strong either. But the further you go to the back gradually overcoming it will become very difficult. Therefore, the game has designed more support items, wanting to create more chances for players to win. Throughout all the matches, mysterious gift boxes will not stop appearing. It will contain special items, with different uses. Like increasing the amount of ammo or armor defense. Players just need to touch the car to be able to use it.Fast Fighter Mod

Fast Fighter Mod is as simple as that, but there are many things that players need to spend money to buy. There are also very important things, directly related to the strength and ability of the player to win. As cars are designed a lot, the more expensive, the higher the index. Or upgrading it and weapons too. It takes a lot of money to become strong. Usually players, in addition to constantly trying to accumulate, it is difficult to have enough to own a thing. Not saying everything. So the mod was created to solve a difficult problem, by providing unlimited money everything will be easy.

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