FictIf: Interactive Romance Mod APK 1.0.52 (Free Premium Choice)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 15/10/2023
FictIf: Interactive Romance Mod APK 1.0.52 (Free Premium Choice)
Name FictIf: Interactive Romance
Version 1.0.52
MOD Features Free Premium Choice
Size 49MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Adventure
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Price FREE


FictIf: Interactive Romance Mod was created and developed by the team. Built from a huge collection of novels. Specializes in the theme of romantic love. The gameplay of the game is extremely good, bringing high entertainment. For those who love novels, games can be seen as a great opportunity. When the player himself is completely free to decide the details of each story. By choosing to give your favorite plan when the game has built-in content. Rely on your own preferences and thoughts. To write a novel as you want, full of detail and coherent throughout. In addition, under the diverse design. Players will also have more opportunities to discover new stories. Feel how warm the romance in love is.

Download FictIf: Interactive Romance Mod – Create Your Own Story As You Want

When entering FictIf: Interactive Romance Mod, players will see new worlds. Corresponding to it are various novels waiting to be discovered. Typical among them is FOR THE LOVE OF GODS. When joining, players will become loving gods of the heavenly city. With many tasks to perform. Next is LAST LEGACY about warriors, fighting for the world’s desire for peace. ROADKILL is about the world facing extinction, there are many other stories. But it’s all about love with a lot of romance created. About finding the other half of my life. And all of that is created by the player. How the story becomes, is there a happy ending or does everything break up? It’s all up to the player’s choice, deciding everything.Tai FictIf Interactive Romance Mod

Try With A Story

Here we will talk about the HEIR TO LOVE & LIES novel series recreated in FictIf: Interactive Romance Mod. A story that begins with loss. When the player will be role-playing become a grandchild that grandma has just lost. And the property has been left to you at your discretion, available to use. But there is one problem, I don’t know if she died due to illness or was harmed by others. There needs to be an answer to this. With the pre-designed details, the player will have to find the cause. Lead the story properly to get to the end. Discover where all the problems lie, and what the results of the hidden truth are. At the same time looking for true love for the character, when everything is gradually rekindled.FictionIf Interactive Romance Mod

There’s an Immersive Element

FictIf: Interactive Romance Mod does not just have a single story throughout. The game is built more than that, there are many novels that players can experience. By choosing a series that you love start the journey of content discovery. Stepping into the player will become a part of the story, more precisely being the main character. And everything is built around that character. Each content and detail is written about what will be encountered. The player will decide that by selection. When the options will be given at the top of the screen. With the existing text lines, just read how you want to give such an answer.Game FictionIf Interactive Romance Mod

Build With Content

FictIf: Interactive Romance Mod is not for players to manually write novel stories. And the content is already built with a certain set itinerary. By joining the game, players will cling to it but still have the right to decide. Anything that happens creates many different circumstances. At that time, it will be necessary for the player to choose one of those options. And what happens next will be based on the previous choice. The outcome of the novel will completely follow the previous selection that is gradually formed.Download FictionIf Interactive Romance Mod

FictIf: Interactive Romance Mod is a rebuilt version, with some new features added. Among them is the free premium selection mod. Normally with the original, there is some content that requires the player to choose, which will be subject to restrictions. The options will be locked and cannot be selected. There are times when the player’s wishes coincide with those options. Really causing great discomfort, what I want, I can’t make it happen. But the mod is different, players can completely exploit everything.

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