Fishing Clash MOD 1.0.294 (Menu, Money, Auto fishing, Big Combo)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/05/2024
Fishing Clash MOD {{version}} (Menu, Money, Auto fishing, Big Combo)
Name Fishing Clash
Version v1.0.294
Size 128MB
MOD Features Menu, Money, Auto fishing, Big Combo
Support Android 4.1
Category Sport
Price Free
Developers Ten Square Games


Fishing Clash is an entertaining fishing game with extremely interesting gameplay for you. Is an outdoor sport that is loved by many people because of the surprise it creates. If you do not have much time to satisfy your passion for this subject. Now you can experience it right on your little mobile phone. With simple and easy gameplay for you to easily get used to. The feeling of excitement when pulling the rod up to the big fish will also bring you interesting experiences. Along with high convenience, this will certainly be a very suitable game for you to participate in and experience.

Download Fishing Clash Mod – The Hunt for Fish Offshore

Fishing Clash is a fishing game that you will be quite surprised with the experience of the game. The thrill of waiting for the fishing rod to shake with the big fish below. After that, the effort to pull the fish that is hooked to the shore will be a process full of attraction. You will feel satisfaction and pride when pulling up the huge fishes beyond expectations. Gradually your goals will become bigger every day. Challenges with heavier fish will be your goal. But to catch them will need valuable upgrades for your equipment.

Download Fishing Clash Mod

Sea Fishing

Game Fishing Clash is a game that you can join completely for free. Created on both Android and iOS operating systems, it will help you easily satisfy your passion. The journey begins with a small boat, going far from the coast to go fishing. You will play the role of a character sitting on a boat with his fishing rod. With skillful casting techniques, aim for locations where you think there will be a lot of fish. Then it will be waiting, waiting for the surprises that the game will bring to you. Fish of various species and sizes are lurking in the water. When there is a signal of the fishing rod, success or failure will depend on your right decision.

Game Fishing Clash Mod

Equipment Upgrades

Fishing Clash is a game with very diverse types of fish. The fishes are simulated to resemble real species in real life. Each type will carry a certain size, so if you want to fish big, you need to have enough strength. The strength of the fishing rod can withstand the heavy pull of a large fish without breaking. Complete the assigned tasks and bring back a certain amount of resources. Then, upgrade what you think is worthwhile and necessary. To be able to set sail and conquer the bigger goals that are waiting for you at sea.

Tai Fishing Clash Mod

Game Graphics

Fishing Clash owns 3D graphics with beautiful wide angles for you to experience. The game publisher has paid attention and made the image of the game very well to optimize the experience for players. You will be surprised by the authenticity of the game when you first join. The seascape effect is simulated in the most shimmering and realistic way to every detail. Tiny waves or reflected sunlight are also skillfully done. The physical effects when you pull the rod with fish of different sizes are also very realistic. You will feel the difficulty when wrestling the big fish of the character you are playing. Together with the multi-angle transition effect, it has created a great game for you to experience.

Fishing Clash Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you download the Fishing Clash version of the game. The simple fishing feature will save you a lot of waiting time. When your fish hook rate has increased significantly. You will also not have to worry about the character’s health when meeting big fish. Because it will not be difficult when you join this game Mod version. Along with that is the big combo effect, which increases your ability to catch fish in a row. You will get the biggest combos that no other player can do. Add the ultimate excitement when you join the game experience.

HOT feature of Fishing Clash

  • Go to real fishing locations (Florida Coast, Lake Guntersville, Amazon River, Loch Ness, Great Barrier Reef, Mekong River, etc.)
  • Explore hundreds of 3D fish species.
  • Experience new content and weekly in-game events.
  • Participate in championships.
  • Compete with other players on the leaderboard.
  • Feel the power of professional fishing gear.
  • Faster and Better: Catch more valuable fish.
  • Beat your opponents and win exclusive rewards.
  • Interact with other anglers.
  • Collect and upgrade bait to reach higher levels.
  • Unlock many new aquatic species and complete quests.
  • Choose equipment wisely to catch big fish.
  • Use support items to fish faster and more accurately.
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