Five Heroes: The King’s War Mod 7.6.11 (Menu, Money, Diamonds, Gold, Immortal, Damage)

By MinhDuc - New update 25/03/2024
Five Heroes: The King’s War Mod {{version}} (Menu, Money, Diamonds, Gold, Immortal, Damage)
Name Five Heroes: The King's War
Version v7.6.11
Size 116MB
MOD Features Menu, Money, Diamond, Gold, Immortal, Damage
Support Android 5.0+
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers Banditos Studio


Five Heroes: The King’s War Mod is a classic action-adventure game. It will lead you to exciting battles. Fight skeletons and many terrible bosses. There you have to assemble a group of heroes with up to 5 warriors to fight. If you win, you will get a lot of gold and trophies. Also, unlock new journeys to discover a lot of fascinating content. The longer the time, the higher the level, and the stronger the enemy. You must upgrade your hero team with equipment, items,… Prove you are a wise strategist. By conquering all the levels in the game. Or win on the challenging PvP battlefield. Many other players are waiting for you in the battle of wits. Set up the perfect formation to join the battle.

Download Five Heroes: The King’s War Mod –Participate in intense mind battles

If you’re looking for classic fantasy world adventures, try Five Heroes: The King’s War. This is an adventure game with role-playing elements and a typical turn-based combat style. There are many challenging missions full of fun to test your intelligence and strategy. From battles against armies of bones to battles against pirates, goblins, and ancient dungeon bosses. The game never ceases to amaze you with its eye-catching effects and deep strategic elements. You must know the weaknesses and strengths of each of your warriors. To combine them wisely and form an invincible team. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading this game to your mobile device?

Five Heroes Mod

Warrior System

Five Heroes: The King’s War Mod provides players with many different options. With more than 300 strong and skilled warriors. The characters and each warrior have a different appearance and strength. They are divided into familiar classes like Fighter, Archer, Mage, Tanker, and Support,… So some players will be inclined to attack attacks. Some people prefer defense and support.

Five Heroes Mod

In addition, each warrior has its own attack range. This is something to keep in mind when arranging their positions in the game. Save your gold coins after each battle to unlock more new heroes. Change the lineup regularly to increase the diversity of the squad. Also, don’t miss the upgrade item to increase attack and defense stats. There are many different equipment and items to choose from. And each hero has 6 slots to install equipment including weapons, hats, gloves, shoes,… At the same time, players can raise the hero’s level to achieve maximum power.

The level-based quest challenge system

In addition to the normal game mode. Five Heroes: The King’s War Mod also gives you attractive PvP matches. However, in each mode, players must also be wary. Plan your strategy and defeat powerful enemies. If in normal mode, you will get used to the gameplay on an easy level. But in PvP mode, you will face many formidable opponents. You have to summon 5 heroes and bring them to the ring. Each hero is placed in a cell and takes turns to attack.

Game Five Heroes Mod

The monsters are waiting there. They can be dead skeletons, pirates, or jungle monsters,… Each type of monster has its own characteristics in appearance and strength. And you can’t predict who they really are until you confront them. So to ensure your winning rate. Let’s build an invincible squad. It is a formation that ensures both attack and defense. Gives you the edge against all enemies. To build such a team. You need to have a good understanding of each warrior in the squad.

Graphics and sound system

Five Heroes: The King’s War Mod is designed based on 2D graphics. The hero image is depicted in chibi style but is very cute and cool. In addition, each hero is given a unique skin based on their abilities. Impressive effects and motion sequences. You will see how great they look when placed on the battlefield. Continuously prove your skills by creating the most powerful squad. In addition, the sound system of each action phase is also very lively. Combined with catchy background music, create an unforgettable experience. The perfect combination of sound system and graphics has created a super product called Five Heroes: The King’s War Mod.

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