Download Flip Skater Mod APK 2.50 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 22/11/2023
Flip Skater Mod APK 2.50 (Unlimited Money)
Name Flip Skater
Version v2.50
Size 77MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Sport
Price Free


Skateboarding is an exciting sport that is very popular with young people. Flip Skater Mod was created and developed by the team of Miniclip inspired by it. Game for lovers who can fulfill their passion. Show your skills with acrobatic stunts and top-notch performances. In practice that is very unlikely as well as extremely difficult. It takes a lot of practice to master. Do not miss the opportunity to be approached, and get acquainted, more or fewer games will also be useful. Players will know some more outstanding techniques and key moves. There’s nothing better than being able to entertain yourself in your spare time and challenge yourself at the same time. In the role of a decision maker, controlling the character. With a series of different matches in many parts of the world.

Download Flip Skater Mod – Experience the Exciting Skateboarding Sport

Flip Skater Mod has extremely simple gameplay. Almost everything is set up just waiting for players to join and experience. From simple movements to classy acrobatics. All will be optimized through the game for anyone to have the opportunity to do. Make your own masterpiece and see your results. The game is built with a lot of competition, spoiled for players to show their skills. Along with the board, fly and jump on the courts in an arc style. Entering the challenge is as simple as pressing and holding. Wait for the right opportunity, then release to lower your body to the field. Glide from side to side, continuously performing the movement. The more eye-catching, the higher the score you will get with the goal of aiming for the highest position. Of course, the level of danger also increases accordingly. If you are not careful, you can end the game.Flip Skater Mod

Multiple Venues

Flip Skater Mod is designed with a pretty prominent point, which is about the competition places. The game generates a lot of maps. Free for players to experience, and look at different scenes. All are inspired by famous places in the world. Not limited to the region, from east to west, there are also American countries. Not only in the densely populated city, including many high-rise buildings built close together. The game uses a fresh beach as an image, with coconut trees and white sand beaches. In the desert where the island is deserted, everything becomes material for the developer to build. Looks extremely interesting, and creates a sense of novelty to increase excitement.Download Game Flip Skater Mod

Collect and Upgrade Skateboards

As a skateboarding game, Flip Skater Mod is very focused on building this feature. Of course, there is only one style, this is the rule of the sport. For the purpose of ensuring the safety of players. But the colors and details above are a different story. The game is designed with many types, spoiled for collection. All kinds of drawings, with many different street styles. And yet, in addition to being able to own, players can also upgrade. With this feature, the plank will be more secure. Not only in terms of stamina but also the bounce when performing skills. As well as stability, when performing the skill of flying up and down the field. Try to perfect the external conditions to help increase the winning rate.Game Flip Skater Mod

Performing Skills

In Flip Skater Mod there is a section dedicated to calculating points. Represented by numbers right on the screen. Players will receive when performing skills. Depending on the difficulty will be able to get different values. The goal is to break the limit so players will need to work hard to perform. Jump very high, and try to keep yourself in the air for a long time to gain momentum for the next time. Try to control to be able to constantly perform difficult movements. Seize the opportunity to see when it is appropriate to do it. Controls try to create spectacular acrobatics. Don’t be afraid, believe in yourself.Tai Game Flip Skater Mod

Flip Skater Mod has a skateboard and a map which are two components that directly create the game. But the original will take time to unlock. Due to the requirement, there is a rather large expense. When you first enter the game, where do you get all the conditions? Creates a lot of restrictions for those who are new to the experience. To improve that mod adds an unlimited money feature. Bring value to the limit to help players shop with pleasure. Create your own collection with all genres, and upgrade to the highest level. Increases the pass rate of the challenge.

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