Fps Shooting Strike Mod APK 1.56 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/11/2023
Fps Shooting Strike Mod APK 1.56 (Unlimited Money)
Name Fps Shooting Strike: Gun Games
Version v1.56
Size 73MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Mizo Studio Inc


Fps Shooting Strike Mod is an attractive shooting game in the style of FPS. Created and developed by the team of Mizo Studio Inc. Join the game, the player will take the role of a warrior. With his talent join in the special forces, specializing in counter-terrorism. With countless assigned tasks that need to be done. The campaign to destroy the rebel rebels of different organizations. Or the top evil criminals. Armed with weapons, ready to counterattack when the enemy is suspected or detected. Do your best, along with your teammates to join the challenge. Find a way to raid quickly, and kill all the enemies who intend to counterattack. Don’t let anyone notice and counterattack in time. Minimize losses to a minimum, and avoid causing unnecessary damage.

Download Fps Shooting Strike Mod – Fight Complete All Assigned Tasks Against Terror

Enter the Fps Shooting Strike Mod to participate in the countless challenges created. With a long journey divided up into more than 200 levels. Free for players to try their hand at the experience to prove their abilities. When joining the army specializing in combating terrorism and armed crime. Choose for yourself a character to start with, and try to complete the task to be the best. Life should always come first. Players will have to act quickly when the plane is dropped into the battlefield. Find a cover immediately to prepare mentally. Usually, on each battlefield, there are many buildings and fortifications that can be used. Ready to attack, see the battlefield to come up with specific plans with teammates to cooperate. So that you can kill all the enemies, don’t let their counterattack. Beating fast and winning quickly will help reduce the damage to everything to the lowest level. At the same time quickly complete the task.Tai Fps Shooting Strike Mod

Weapon System

Fps Shooting Strike Mod is a game built in combat action gameplay. In combat, weapons are indispensable, they can directly determine the outcome. So the game creates an inventory of many different weapons. Among them, guns are indispensable. When the game is mostly intense gun battles. Between the army and dangerous terrorists. It is impossible to count all types of guns alone with all types. From sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, and submachine guns to rifles, each has its own version. Next is the grenade, a weapon with great damage in modern combat. With just one hit, throwing them on target can deal damage up to a group of people.Fps Shooting Strike Mod

Various Maps

Fps Shooting Strike Mod except to create battles with many strong opponents in large numbers. To challenge the player’s shooting talent, there is a constant need to improve. The game also builds many maps with completely randomly generated textures. Then everything is changed, with a new perspective. It will create excitement and stimulation for players, avoiding repetitive cases causing boredom. As for the terrain, each map follows a certain order of arrangement. Houses, walls, fortifications, roads, and obstacles of all kinds are inspired by many sources. To make it difficult for players to remember everything when participating in the battle, they will have to look at it again to evaluate. It is not because of familiarity that it is easy to overcome the challenge.Game Fps Shooting Strike Mod

Battle Mode

In addition to the main game mode, it is designed to be a journey for players to challenge with many levels. Fps Shooting Strike Mod has two other special modes that are no less competitive. Players can try and experience new ways of playing to improve their level. The first is the battles that players can create themselves. Fight with other players on a certain map. All are enemies of each other and the score will decide everything. The second is also similar to the first mode but is a team fight. Participating in the experience will have two teams brought into the battlefield from which to fight each other. The result will be calculated according to the total stats of all members.Download Fps Shooting Strike Mod

In Fps Shooting Strike Mod there are many such guns and weapons. Owning one is possible, but wanting all of them is almost impossible. Whether it is constantly challenging or plowing all the time, it will take a long time to accumulate enough money. This will be very time-consuming and laborious, during which time it is completely possible to do something else. The mod version was born and solved tons of problems. With his unlimited money mod feature, owning all the weapons in the store will become extremely easy. Just click a button to buy.

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