Freeze Rider Mod APK 1.9.5 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 16/11/2023
Freeze Rider Mod APK 1.9.5 (Unlimited Money)
Name Freeze Rider
Version v1.9.5
Size 82MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.1
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers HOMA GAMES


Freeze Rider Mod is a fun ice obstacle course game. Created and developed by the HOMA GAMES team. The game is built for entertainment purposes only. For all ages, anyone can download and experience it. Completely free storage is quite light, and can meet almost any device. The gameplay is also quite simple, just swiping on the screen can control it. Join the game, players will have a character to start with. With countless challenges divided into many different levels. Feel free to try and experience when the difficulty will be constantly increased through each level. The roads are fraught with difficulties and dangers with a multitude of different pitfalls. Just not paying attention can completely lose your life.

Download Freeze Rider Mod – Challenge Yourself More With New Skating Gameplay

The obstacle course genre is also a lot, but talking about the combination with skating, there is only Freeze Rider Mod. Entering the game, the player will have to transform into a character. To be able to start participating in the challenge. With each gate, the developer takes care of it little by little. When building up with duplicate messages, difficulties. Not like a normal stretch of road. But all of them are suspended in the air, below is the bottomless abyss. Every paragraph will appear as a dead end with a large gap. And the next road can be high up or low down. To jump over is impossible, not to mention the other pitfalls. The only way to get through is by using ice, using it as a slide. The shape will be decided by the player but needs to go through the collection process. It’s not easy,Game Freeze Rider Mod

Characters And Costumes

Honestly, Freeze Rider Mod designed the character a bit too simple. There are almost no eyes or nose but simply a humanoid mass. The main parts such as the arms or legs are painted in a certain color. But in return for that, the game created a whole section specializing in costumes. With many suits with different designs for players to choose from. To be able to renew the character’s interface so that it can be like a real person. It can be the whole body or simply with a pair of pants or a shirt. But certainly when equipped will create a completely new person. Not only in terms of beauty but also the style is changed accordingly. Create an interesting point that attracts players.Download Freeze Rider Mod

Various Environments

The environment for Freeze Rider Mod is the map. When the game is created with countless challenges, which are divided into many levels. But each level corresponds to a gate. So to increase diversity, each level will bring players to a completely new space. It is not only the surrounding scenery that will be changed, bringing many different types of image colors. The point worth mentioning here is that the pitfalls and obstacles have also been rearranged. There are almost no rules at all, only one decision. It is an increasing number, which can be stacked consecutively or overlapped. Increasing the difficulty from low to high gradually requires players to constantly improve.Freeze Rider Mod

Change Ice Color

In addition to characters with costumes to change their appearance, Freeze Rider Mod also has skins that help change the color of the bandages. Players can own by using money accumulated through matches to buy in stores. It does not determine the first match, but using it will create an extremely beautiful effect. When there are many different types that players can choose from. For example, a rainbow of seven colors or volcanic lava, and many more. Completely create an element of direct contrast to the game. Therefore, it will stand out when participating in challenges. From earning to using to create slides.Tai Freeze Rider Mod

Freeze Rider Mod is designed with a lot of skins. Not only for the skates but also for the characters. However, all is not natural that can be used, players will need to lose money to buy in the store. It’s okay to want to own one thing, but having a collection is another story. It will take a lot of time and effort to accumulate enough money. Few people have the patience to do that. Avoid the situation of players getting bored with the built mod. With the mod, unlimited money will solve all problems. Free to shop when limited use of money is no longer a worry.

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