Fun Race 3D Mod APK 201023 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/12/2023
Fun Race 3D Mod APK 201023 (Unlimited Money)
Name Fun Race 3D
Latest Version v201023
File capacity 96MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers Good Job Games


Fun Race 3D Mod is an obstacle course game. Created and developed by the Good Job Games team. A game is built with racing gameplay, but not on flat terrain as usual. But here will challenge to a higher level. Built with man-made roads, on which are mounted numerous obstacles as well as organs. In order to increase the difficulty to create excitement. With the aim of attracting as many people to participate in the experience. While the normal running competition is too familiar to many people. Join the game, there will be many matches for players to try. But getting to the first destination is a different story. Only when overcoming each difficult obstacle can make the player fall down at any time. Just like a new competitor hopes to achieve.

Download Fun Race 3D Mod – Challenging Obstacle Race

If you are in need of an entertaining game, download Fun Race 3D Mod now and experience it. The game has very simple gameplay. The main task of the player after entering will be to control the character to help him win. Move fast to be the first to reach the finish line. When the track is designed to be challenging, designed with a multitude of different obstacles. While the path is very small, if you are not careful, you may fall down. That means you will have to start over. If that happens, it’s really hard to win when there are two competitors. Being careful in the game is very demanding, so when trying, don’t be too hasty. Stay calm no matter what lies ahead. Whatever agency has time to pass, the key must be in the player.Download Fun Race 3D Mod

Simple Controls

The challenge of Fun Race 3D Mod is designed to be extremely complex. It’s only a short stretch of road, but there are many different organs on it. Constantly moving in cycles, just being not careful can completely be pushed into the sea by it. It is possible that there are many segments that will appear in a row, even the way together. But the control is completely opposite, extremely easy. Just press and hold and the character will run while stopping is simply released. The important point of the game must lie in the timing. When there will be gaps appear in a small space. That was the only opportunity to be able to pass when jumping was almost impossible. Be calm before each obstacle, there will definitely be an opportunity for players to overcome it.Game Fun Race 3D Mod

Unlock Outfits

Fun Race 3D Mod character design is quite simple. When almost everyone is like everyone has only one form. Whether we are enemies or we are the same, the only thing to distinguish is simply the color. There are quite a few players who do not like this, so to make up for the defect. The game builds costumes with a lot of different outfits. Not to mention the costumes are inspired by superheroes. Such as iron man, spiderman, thunder god, etc. What could be more interesting than dressing up as powerful warriors to join the challenge? There are sets that cover the whole body, very unique. Once equipped, it is possible to completely change the appearance of the character.Fun Race 3D Mod

Variety of Obstacles

What makes Fun Race 3D Mod different from regular racing games is that there are more obstacles. The game is created by the developer with many types. Some typical organs can be mentioned such as the circular wheel designed with four long sticks arranged symmetrically. Three adjacent semicircles are constantly moving back and forth. Or the towering walls, the only thing to pass through is only thanks to the net attached above. And there are many more, spoiled for players to try to prove their abilities. When trying to be the first to finish.Tai Fun Race 3D Mod

Fun Race 3D Mod has simple gameplay, but not because of that, there is a lack of things that require money. The game has a store dedicated to selling goods. There are many things players will need to buy and should own. For example, costumes, accessories that make the character more prominent, or obstacles. But it is very difficult to earn enough money. While the price of each item doesn’t come cheap, owning them all is nearly impossible. Thus creating a huge invisible pressure on the players. But don’t worry too much when this new version is improved with unlimited money features. Shop freely when the price is no longer an issue.

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