Gacha Club Mod 1.1.14 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 07/03/2024
Gacha Club Mod 1.1.14 (Unlimited Money)
Name Gacha Club
Version v1.1.14
Size 100M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.0+
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Lunime


After the resounding success of the first version. Warmly supported by the mobile gaming community. Recently, the publisher Lunime continues to release the second version. Gacha Club Mod is inspired by the previous version. So it still retains the traditional cuteness. To immerse yourself in the anime world with many famous characters. Immediately after its release, it was well received by many people around the world. Take the top spot on the leaderboard. The number of downloads increased rapidly. More than 100 million downloads, and thousands of positive comments. The game affirms its position and influence in the mobile game market. Bringing players a great experience, after stressful working hours. Let’s join and experience it now.

Download Gacha Club Mod – Create Anime Characters As You Like

When joining the Gacha Club Mod, you must first choose and customize your own character before joining the fight. The character system is very diverse with many different levels. But can only choose 3 out of all. If you want more advanced anime, you need coins to buy it. Especially can be played in online mode, where players can connect with friends or opponents in the world. Customize the style and appearance of your character’s clothes. Prove that you are at the forefront of fashion trends. Then buy a pet to help in the fight. They have cute and funny appearances like domesticated animals. But there are many special functions capable of attacking and damaging opponents. At the same time, it can help you heal when needed.Gacha Club Mod

Exciting battles

The battles in Gacha Club Mod are extremely large-scale. Because there is an online mode, many heroes from all over the world converge here. This promises to be a battle with many interesting and extremely attractive things. At the beginning of the game, attack and destroy the bosses to be able to continue. In the next few battles, enemies will outnumber, but not appear on the map. They hide behind objects and wait to assassinate you. This journey needs the support and help of teammates. Let’s fight together and win. Be careful when choosing a team before joining the game. Anime characters must ensure that they have the same offensive and defensive skills. If one of these two parameters is higher, it will easily lead to damage.Gacha Club Mod


Pets are not a weapon or the main factor determining victory in Gacha Club Mod. But we cannot deny its influence and benefits. In necessary situations, they will appear to save you. So choosing a suitable animal is very important for each player. The game offers a large number of pets of all possible genders. But it must be remembered that the character can only carry a specific animal in battle. Must think and calculate rationally to make the best decision. Each animal has its own power stat. The good thing is that it is possible to improve a pet’s attack and defense stats. It’s like your companion in battle.Game Gacha Club Mod

Character system

Gacha Club Mod brings hundreds of different cartoon characters for players to choose from. In addition, you can also customize the look and style of your character’s clothes. There is no clash when going into battle. Of course, it is also an expression of the style and taste of the player and the brand. Click on the custom area, then select the character you want to change the style. Face index, body index, self stats… They are displayed on the phone screen so they can be customized. In particular, if you want to create a new character of your own, it will cost a lot of coins. A corresponding amount will be required depending on the element the player wants to change.Download Gacha Club Mod

In short, Gacha Club Mod is quite an interesting game. Worth it for players to experience it even once. Especially the anime characters are designed quite meticulously to every detail and part. Because in the big arenas, there are many players from other countries. They will look at the character and rank, and visualize your character, and dress habits. Show everyone your perfect item. Anime with striking and attractive looks are also motivating, feeling inspired. From there, victory will be closer to the player.

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