Gang Boxing Arena Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 26/11/2023
Gang Boxing Arena Mod APK (Unlimited Money)
Name Gang Boxing Arena: Stickman 3D Fight
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 66MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Sport
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Price FREE


Experience the fun and entertaining sports game with Gang Boxing Arena Mod. Created and developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES team. Build boxing arenas for players to have the opportunity to try. When becoming a gladiator in the form of a stickman. Ready to fight, challenge yourself with countless powerful opponents in hand-to-hand combat. The competition is extremely crazy, there are no rules to stop in time. It is completely possible to use weapons and items picked up to affect the opponent. There is only one purpose, to defeat all enemies that stand in the way to victory. The one who can stand on the court the longest. To become the champion when scoring a high number of achievements. Make people aware of your ability to control your character.

Download Gang Boxing Arena Mod – Find a Chance to Prove Yourself as the Best Boxing Fighter

Gang Boxing Arena Mod may not have as good graphics as most other games of the same genre. The game goes its own way, but the gameplay remains the same. When entering the game, the player will have a character to start participating in the matches. But the special point here is that the character is not a complete human. But only formed in the form of funny sticks with more colors to distinguish. But even so, will not affect the competition between opponents. To achieve complete victory still depends on the player’s ability. It is important to know how to combine movements smoothly. Move and also attack to deal damage to the opponent. As well as taking advantage of surrounding objects to make offensive weapons. All are not limited, as long as the person who can stand the longest will win the right to continue.Tai Gang Boxing Arena Mod

Various Skins Types

Gang Boxing Arena Mod is designed quite sketchy about the shape of the character. Created to simply take on the form of a man with arms, legs, and face. There is no clear depiction of every detail, only color can be distinguished. Compensating for that, the game creates many skins including many different genres. But mainly just two things. The first is the helmet, which is created in a variety of ways. Almost inspired by all sorts of objects, images of horses, tigers, squids, etc., and much more. Even the ice cream cone has been recreated to look like a hat to equip the character. The second to mention is the gloves, very important for boxers. The shape can also be changed by selecting a set of skins to equip.Gang Boxing Arena Vs

Unique Arena

Unlike most other boxing games already in the gaming market. The field used for the match is in the actual arena, with spectators watching. Gang Boxing Arena Mod has an outdoor arena. In other words, it can be changed to many different locations. Relocating to the middle of a large forest with fresh green and cool. Or in a hot volcano, surrounded by red lava. On high-rise buildings, it can also be used to erect for combat. There are many more, spoiled for choice to experience. Each place outside has a different scene, and the weapons on the field also change accordingly.Download Gang Boxing Arena Mod

Weapon Used

Gang Boxing Arena Mod is not built to carry the gameplay in accordance with the original boxing sport. The game also has some tweaks to be more suitable, attracting players to participate in the experience. When participating in combat, characters do not only compete with their hands. Picking up weapons on the field to fight is completely allowed. Every game is different. The game has many types, the simplest and most common effects, there are swords, hammers, and knives. In addition, common items such as guitars, glued pans, and light sabers are also not trivial. Still deals great damage to enemies.Game Gang Boxing Arena Mod

As mentioned above, Gang Boxing Arena Mod also needs money if you want to own some items. The first thing to mention is the costumes and skins. The game is designed a lot, but if you want to use it, you need to buy it. It is inevitable to have to take out the money in exchange. Or to unlock the field as well. If you want to choose to compete, you have to pay an appropriate price. That all requires players to work hard to earn extra income. But want players to reduce the load, and focus on the experience more. The build version adds unlimited money to settle. Increasing the number of accounts should be gradually after each use until the maximum is reached.

Download Gang Boxing Arena: Stickman 3D Fight MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2023

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