Gangster Hero MOD APK 1.57 (Menu, Unlimited money/gems, God Mode, Onehit)

By HAI NAM - Latest update: 20/09/2023
Gangster Hero MOD APK 1.57 (Menu, Unlimited money/gems, God Mode, Onehit)
Name Gangster Hero
Version 1.57
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money/gems, God Mode, Onehit
Size 150MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Zego Global Publishing


Is one of the most attractive underworld action games in the world. Gangster Hero (Gangster Crime Mafia City) takes you to become a gangster with a desire to dominate this place. As can be seen, the gameplay and context of this game are almost similar to other GTA series. And it’s actually an inspired version of that series. It has attracted millions of online gamers to participate and this is an achievement that proves its heat. Bringing a new story revolving around gangsters in America. You are an ordinary young man but have aspirations to become the boss of the underworld. This desire inadvertently turns you into a gangster. And have to do everything to make money from buying tools, and weapons to acting.

Download Gangster Hero Mod – Underworld With Lots of Fun

Gangster Hero hack takes place in one of the busiest cities in the United States. Its majestic beauty has been emulated in the games of the GTA series. Experience one of the newest versions and exciting missions there. This town is under the control of gangsters. They are big thieves gangs equipped with modern weapons. You will come here with the desire to destroy them and become the boss of the underworld. It’s not easy but it will be guided step by step to achieve your goal.

Game Gangster Crime Mafia City Mod

Act like a gangster

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Game Gangster Hero will guide you through the mission in order from start to finish. Just follow the icons indicating the location to get there. The characters will be the bridge to tell you what to do. Usually, these are specific tasks of the gangster gangs. Like fighting, killing, robbing, running away, bank robbers, and more. In particular, it is possible to delve into purges between large gangs.

Gangster Crime Mafia City Mod

For each mission, Gangster Hero Mod has no time limit and no method. In other words, you can trade your way as long as you complete the assigned task. If it’s a murder mission, there are plenty of ways to do it. Attack the target with bare hands or axes, guns, or bumper cars,… But you will face resistance from enemies. So, choose the wisest action plan to ensure the safety of the character. After completing the task, you will receive a reward corresponding to the effort spent.

Explore the arsenal

Version hack Gangster Hero gives you much support to complete the mission quickly. The most common are weapons that include dozens of different types. From knives, rifles, grenades, and many more. Weapons come in many varieties, such as shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, etc. Each weapon is suitable for different situations. With the bonus from the quest, you can choose and buy weapons yourself. It is also possible to upgrade weapons to increase their strength.

Tai Gangster Crime Mafia City Mod

Diverse vehicle system

In addition to weapons, Game Gangster Hero gives you many things to support to complete the mission quickly. The most popular is the vehicle system in this game. There are dozens of different types of vehicles. From bicycles to motorcycles, cars, sports cars, racing cars, SUVs, muscle cars, helicopters, and ships,… You can find them on the map and use them as you like. Maybe even steal someone’s car along the way. There are no limits or rules at all. In a society ruled by criminal gangs, anything is possible. Make your way with the help of convenient transportation.

Recruit elite gangsters

The big missions in Gangster Hero Mod require more power to complete. This is when you should think about recruiting more members for your gang. They can be found on the street, in organizations, with gangsters, or anywhere. Consider their characteristics before hiring. Some are good at weapons, others are good at hand-to-hand combat. You can ask them or fight to complete the quest together. The greater the power, the greater the advantage.

download Gangster Crime Mafia City Mod

Like the GTA series, Gangster Hero (Gangster Crime Mafia City) is also designed with high-end 3D graphics. Thanks to that, the game offers a large and detailed open world. There you can explore the area. It varies from downtown to suburbs and beaches. Architectural works such as houses, roads, vehicles, people… All of them are very realistic. The movements of the characters are also quite fluid. Create a feeling like you are going to your dream of becoming an underworld boss.

Download Gangster Hero MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/gems, God Mode, Onehit) 2023

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