Girl Genius! Mod APK 1.2.1 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 16/11/2023
Girl Genius! Mod APK 1.2.1 (Unlimited Money)
Name Girl Genius!
Version v1.2.1
Size 48MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Lion Studios


Do you want to test your ability in many ways? Then become a spy in Girl Genius! Mod will help you verify that. Created and developed by the Lion Studios team. Join the game, players will be in the role of a female genius. With countless challenges designed in the form of situations. Divided into many different levels, the difficulty will be increased gradually. But not mystical things, the game only takes elements from everyday life. The request needs to be processed giving the appropriate explanation. By stimulating the brain, do not stop thinking. Analyze the problems that have been posed, and make your own inferences. Don’t be afraid to try, if it’s wrong it won’t have any effect. The important thing is to get the right answer, no matter how many times you try it, it doesn’t matter.

Download Girl Genius! Mod – With Female Genius Solve All Challenges and Puzzles

Girl Genius! Mod like a story, every challenge created will be seamless. Details in the front will relate to the puzzle in the back. Start with the girl’s story. On the big day of the wedding, he felt that there was a problem with the groom’s behavior. Seeing signs that she began to monitor and discovered the truth, the man of her life was having an affair. Decided to break up and go with another guy. Things go on like this, but there will be endless puzzles. Challenges are made up of situations that the developer creates that require players to think of ways to solve them. But don’t think it’s too strange, it’s all just possible problems in life. Recreated extremely interesting, and full of humor. Only when resolved can continue. Try to help that girl,Tai Girl Genius! Mod

Fun Puzzles

The main content in Girl Genius! Mods are puzzles. Constructed into a multitude of different situations. The entire life span revolves around the girl in the game. Every paragraph will appear with a problem that needs to be dealt with. Does not require too much knowledge, but the game is more entertaining. With extremely interesting questions, and many funny situations. Accordingly, the solution is also quite illogical. For example, when you are on the road, there is an accident. Usually will definitely run away or call an ambulance. But no, in the game the player will use another element to handle. Turn back the clock to make it look like it never happened. Quite impractical, but that makes the point.Game Girl Genius! Mod

Various Outfits

Girl Genius gameplay! The mod is quite simple, built into a storyline. But not so that the game ignores the costume. An extremely interesting feature for role-playing games. Players can completely change the clothes worn by the character. Countless different sets can be obtained by spending money to unlock them. Or get rewards for completing tasks, and passing certain levels. Examples include spy costumes, wedding dresses, fur coats, and much more. When changing will give the character a completely new aura. Not to mention there are those that even cover the whole body. Once equipped, it almost changes the appearance.Download Girl Genius! Mod

Hints of Support

For Girl Genius! The mod has two supporting features. Including skip, ie when used, will always overcome the challenge. No need to waste time looking for a solution or dealing with it. The second is the suggestion. On a long journey, there is no shortage of problem puzzles that are very difficult to solve. Even the brain-scratching thought has no way to overcome it. Now you can click on the light bulb icon. A hand will be shown to indicate. But not for you, but for the player to find the solution themselves, based on that to discover the secret. But there will be costs. Only the first-level machine gets used to it will not have to spend money.Girl Genius! Mod

Girl Genius! Mod is a reworked version, added with an unlimited money feature. Aim for game participants to get huge amounts of money. Used in unlocking or buying costumes to change the appearance of the character. Increase the fun experience when challenging with puzzles in the game. Or with difficult questions, after thinking for a long time, even thanks to other people, they have not been able to find the answer. Can be used to buy hints on how to overcome that challenge to continue the journey. There is absolutely no need to work hard to accumulate. You can focus more on the main goal of the game.

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