Good Pizza, Great Pizza MOD 5.12.0 (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Level, Max Upgrades)

By MinhDuc - New update 27/05/2024
Good Pizza, Great Pizza MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Level, Max Upgrades)
Name Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Version v5.12.0
Size 123MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Level, Max Upgrades
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers TapBlaze


Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a game where you will play as a pizza shop owner. With a lot of different jobs to be able to build up the best cake shop in the city. To be able to manage as well as directly make the cakes requested by the guests is something you need to practice a lot. Fastidious guests with very attentive requests for their cakes. You need to complete it according to the requirements and without any mistakes in the baking process. To be able to achieve maximum customer satisfaction for your bakery.

Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza Mod – The Best Pizza Shop in the City

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is an interesting entertainment game released for free on both Android and iOS operating systems. Coming to the game you will be entertained with many interesting stages of the Pizza shop. All stages include consulting and answering customer requirements. After that, it was time to start making cakes according to that request. Cut the cake, pack it and deliver it to the customer. You have completed the process of welcoming guests to your store. Along with that will be many other interesting features waiting for you to discover.

Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza Mod

Getting Started In Service

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a game that you can join completely for free without spending any money. After downloading the game, you will immediately join the journey to build a Pizza shop. Beginners will get all the detailed instructions so you can get started easily. After understanding all the functions of everything in your Pizza shop. You will begin to receive your first guests. Pay more attention than listening to the requests of the customers. People’s satisfaction levels are important to show you’re running a good store. When building a store with 100% satisfaction. You will always have abundant sources of profit for further development.

Game Good Pizza, Great Pizza Mod

Exciting Features In The Game

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a new game that has appeared but has shown success. By the number of more than 50 million downloads worldwide, showing an undeniable hot hit. Is a Pizza making game with a lot of different ingredients for you to choose from. The spices will correspond to each request that the customer sets. Don’t get confused and forget what the customer has reminded you. When you get a certain amount of money from the bakery business. You will need to shop and upgrade your store more, to be more sparkling and beautiful. There are many things in the store waiting for you to come and choose. Beautiful sparkling things will come with a price that is not small.

Tai Good Pizza, Great Pizza Mod

Game Graphics

Version Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a game that uses the most relaxing graphic style for players. The scene in the game is made in a very classic and retro way. Make you feel very relaxed with things that make you have a very peaceful space. You will feel like you are watching a cartoon instead of playing a game. From color to detail, everything is done to perfection. Colors are made in a warm color gamut, details are made in a moderate amount to match the retro style of the game. Everything blends together, giving you an excellent entertainment game that you can’t miss.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza Mod

You will get extremely useful features with the special version of the game Good Pizza, Great Pizza. With the unlimited money feature, you can freely shop for a lot of things here. No need to hesitate and accumulate money after a long time to be able to afford to visit the store. Let’s choose the most beautiful shimmer for you to choose. Everything here almost belongs to you with unlimited money in possession. This feature will help you play the game much easier and more relaxing. A special feature that other regular versions do not have.

Interesting things of Good Pizza, Great Pizza

  • In the game, you will be taught everything about Pizza with the “Pizza News Network” newsletter.
  • Always have more than 100 customers order your Pizza regularly. You’ll be a little busy in the store.
  • Pizza recipes are more diverse, Pizza with attractive toppings including: pepperoni, sausage, onion, etc.
  • The game also requires you to upgrade your equipment to make baking more productive and professional.
  • Is a new but quite simple cooking game of “TapBlaze”, very interesting and challenging.
  • Game advisors are real pizza experts. Game makers have been working in the pizza kitchen for four years.
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