Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual MOD APK 1.9 (Immortality, Unlimited Money)

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Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual MOD APK 1.9 (Immortality, Unlimited Money)
Name Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual
Version 1.9
MOD Features Immortality, Unlimited Money
Size 204MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Rockstar Games


Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual is the entertainment version fifth in the GTA 5 game series. Characterized by a combination of narrative style and action adventure. An official guide application for Grand Theft Auto V – GTA 5. Tell you more: GTA 5 or GTA V is a popular action game thousands of people love by Rockstar Games. Coming to Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual, you will experience a completely new content. There is no fixed gameplay according to a particular game genre. Instead, you will experience a game that combines all genres. Such as action, adventure, racing, role-playing, strategy games, etc. and much more.

Download Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual – Explore Los Santos to carry out a plot to plunder

Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual is a combination of all the most outstanding content of the unique series Grand Theft Auto. With over 100 pages covering everything from controls to game features. Along with a special interactive version, your map can be zoomed in to explore. Help you visit the entire residential area or all activities in the city of Los Santos. As a guide to guide you how to play GTA V ? A detailed introduction to the character system, game modes, weapon system and missions in the game …

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Background of America in 1980

The game context takes place in two American cities when they are in an economic crisis. With many troubles due to the rapid development of technology trends. With the detailed instructions of GTA V The Manual, gamers will enter the vast underground world. This place is extremely vibrant by many criminals and mafia in GTA 5. Specific locations are in Los Santos and Blaine County with high-rise buildings and very densely populated. Everything is very realistic, helping you to feel the situation of America in those years. This place is very dangerous because it is full of violent criminals. Gangsters operate everywhere with illegal transactions. Mutual purges between mafia factions take place frequently. Challenge the police force, even though they always act day and night to ensure the security of the city.

3 main characters

You will be able to choose 1 of 3 main characters in the game to role-play and start. The first is a young man with many tricks, going to the bar during the day and night. The second is a man who is going crazy with hatred in love affairs, making him defy everything. Finally a guy who also robbed a bank, but fortunately survived alone. It’s Franklin, Michael and Trevor, 3 people from 3 different lands. They have different backgrounds and life goals, but the same goal is money. GTA V: The Manual begins with a bank robbery by these 3 crazy protagonists. This is the beginning of a long story that follows in Grand Theft Auto V.

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Quests in Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual

The task list in GTA V The Manual is extremely crazy and certainly you have never thought of. The mission in previous Grand Theft Auto versions was simply looting in the street. Robbing cars, stealing things and then running fast. But with GTA 5, everything becomes very mafia nature. Like at the beginning of the game with the story of bank robbery on a grand scale, and having to fake death to escape the arrest warrant. Many other interesting tasks appear in the game screen. Like doing underwater missions. Robbing a car in front of the owner and then crashing into a nearby garage, or punching people like punching sandbags. The higher-level missions are to take revenge on other gangs for territory and illegal trade. Anything can happen in GTA V, the simplest is setting fire to the house of someone you hate.

The evolution of each mission in the game is usually: Receive the task, check the situation and choose how to do it. The more adventurous the mission, the more reward you get. Bombarding everything, punching anyone, stealing what you like on the street are the things that make trademark of Grand Theft Auto V. And to do this, GTA 5 always has all kinds of vehicles available in front of you. Cars, motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, tanks, canoes or helicopters. All are fully fueled and ready for you to rob, as long as you like.

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Interact with friends

Download GTA 5 The Manual now to have fun with friends with feature online play. Explore the vast and bustling cities of America together. Let’s fight together with the notorious reckless mafia groups. Or together in the stolen cars, running away from the chase of the police

Download Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual MOD APK 1.9 (Immortality, Unlimited Money) 2023

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