Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod APK 1.12 (Unlimited Money, Ammo) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 22/10/2023
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod APK 1.12 (Unlimited Money, Ammo)
Name Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Version v1.12
Size 73MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Ammo
Support Android 7.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Rockstar Games


Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod is a game with the gameplay of the hit game GTA. As a street bandit game genre, you will freely destroy everything in this city. Play the role of a man who has just been released from prison, and who wants to enjoy life in his own way. Go around the city and do anything including the ugliest. Is a highly entertaining game that helps you relieve the stress of life. When in real life you are having to do everything according to the standard rules of society, in this game. You can unleash your rebellion with crazy actions like never before. Along with that are the dark missions of the underworld waiting for you to explore.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod – Street Robbers

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod is a simulation game set in a busy city. With skyscrapers and state-of-the-art cars everywhere. Play as a character just released from prison, the thirst for freedom is overflowing in your body. You will see and walk with your feet like nothing in the city. Grab a few cars on the road to be able to go faster. Looting, fighting, and destroying everything in the city are something you can do comfortably in this game. If someone resists you, use the weapon you have to make it easier to fight the opponent. These behaviors will not be followed by the police if they do not directly see you doing. But be careful when killing anyone, you don’t want the policemen to sound the alarm and search the city.

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod

Non-Stop Rebellion

Looting, fighting to pick up equipment from people around in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod. That makes you richer and stronger. You can use weapons like knives, guns, sticks, or many other things to fight back in some cases. Even better are the guns sold in the store, they are very powerful compared to the weapons you pick up. Do in-game quests to get valuable rewards. The tasks here will be ranked from easy to more difficult. The later the task, the more time it takes for you and requires more computation when executing. But also because of the difficulty, you will receive extremely new and attractive gifts.

Game Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod

Interesting Features

In Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod you can buy guns with intense attack power. To be able to earn money to buy this equipment. You will need to do evil missions of the underworld. Trade banned goods and dodge the cops that are stalking you all around the city. Create a gang with yourself as the head. Vehicles in the game are made very diverse, full of genres from bicycles, motorbikes, cars, or even helicopters flying in the air. Loot, destroy everything in the city, and become the leader of the biggest gangster gang.

Tai Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod

In-Game Graphics

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod has beautiful 3D graphics with an extremely spacious map. It can be said that the map in this will be almost as wide as the shooter game PUGB Mobile. You will be spoiled for free to explore everything in this city. It’s like going on a trip to places you’ve probably never seen in real life. The 3D viewing angle makes it possible to see around 360 degrees smoothly with no lag. Details in the game are made just enough to not take up too much space on the user’s device. The realistic sound system depicts every action you take. The sound of moving by vehicles or using guns are made very similar to real life.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod

Use Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod version to be able to own features that help you a lot. You will own an unlimited amount of money when you start participating in the game. Money in this game seems to be a very important thing for you to experience in a more fun way. The equipment in the shop is very attractive to you, but it will require a large amount of money. If in the normal version, you will need to work hard to get these coins. But with this version, you will play the game easier and more fun. When your job now is just to buy whatever you want and experience this game to the fullest.

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