Grim Soul MOD 6.3.0 (Menu, Money, Immortality, Damage, Crafting, Max Level)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/05/2024
Grim Soul MOD {{version}} (Menu, Money, Immortality, Damage, Crafting, Max Level)
Name Grim Soul
Version v6.3.0
Size 133MB
MOD Features Menu, Money, Immortality, Damage, Crafting, Max Level
Support Android 4.4+
Category Survival
Price Free
Developers Kefir!


Grim Soul is a fantasy survival RPG about a dark world. The setting of the game is in the land of Plaguelands, a city that was previously very bustling and prosperous. But now that beautiful land has unfortunately met with disaster, everywhere is covered with darkness and monsters. All the people in the area were turned into lifeless zombies wandering in the night.

You will be playing the role of one of the few lucky people who escaped death. And now, you will have to survive in this deadly land as long as possible. Find food and drink to survive. Collect everything that can be used to build a monster battle base

Download Grim Soul: Dark Survival Mod – The battle for survival with the devil

Bad things happened to the Plaguelands so suddenly that it turned into chaos. And when it comes to Grim Soul, the lucky survivors only have 2 empty hands. You have to search around you immediately in the hope of finding what you need. Clothes, food, water or the most rudimentary things such as sticks, axes, water, shovels. Always keep something in your hand for self-defense, even if it’s just a stick.

Because everywhere was filled with bloodthirsty zombies. If you are not alert, you will be bitten by them at any time. With such great experiences, survival games have been attracting a lot of players over the past few years.

Download Grim Soul Mod - Dark Survival

Survival skills

In the game Grim Soul: Dark Survival , Zombies and monsters are representatives of death. So they will attack any life that still exists. They will quickly sniff you and pull over to you. The most basic survival instinct is to run away and find shelter. Or seek help from teammates.

But in this chaotic world, you also need to be wary of your teammates. Because of the competition for shelter, shelter, or food sources. And the looting, killing each other is often happening. So you need to be subtle and need to have good team-finder skills. After getting food, you need to find materials and make weapons. Plan a monster attack, and devise a defense strategy.

Tải Grim Soul Mod - Dark Survival

Build a base

The monsters were numerous and fighting alone was impossible. In Grim Soul Mod,  there will be many lonely players like you. Search for them and together form a powerful force to fight the monsters. And building a defensive base is more essential than ever. Fighting with zombies a lot, it’s time to get tired and hungry. With available materials such as wood, stone … build a safe place to hide and recharge. Place bunkers and traps around the base to get a good night’s sleep. Design your own armor sets, or homemade guns. Or anything useful for survival

Game Grim Soul Mod - Dark Survival

Combat Weapons

To be able to survive against cruel monsters, you cannot use two fists. Not only are they extremely powerful, but they also know how to use weapons. So you need powerful weapons to defeat zombies and monsters. Sticks, hammers, axes, shovels, bows, and spears are the simplest things you can easily get. Even more powerful are guns with high damage, very effective if used in combat.

However, to be able to make a gun, you need to have the right amount of resources that you need to collect before. Or to save time and quickly master the situation, downloading the Grim Soul: Dark Survival is something you should consider.

Hack Grim Soul - Dark Survival

The same genre of survival game, publisher Kefir! was very successful with Last Day on Earth. But that does not mean that he becomes inferior to the elder. Although released after only 1 year, the game Grim Soul was equally successful. Facing brutal monsters, near death will make you reveal your inherent survival skills. Find food to control hunger, use weapons to attack and defeat enemies.

Finally, become a brave knight to destroy the zombies who are plotting to destroy the world. Complete missions and get valuable rewards. Download Grim Soul Mod to play the hero and save the world in danger.

Interesting things in Grim Soul: Dark Survival

  • Try to infiltrate ancient dungeons and other castles of exile. To get the most valuable resources.
  • Discover new designs, craft weapons and armor. To fight the most dangerous demons of the Plaguelands.
  • Grow your shelter into an impregnable stronghold. Defend your stronghold, craft and set traps to survive.
  • Use different fighting styles to crush your opponents.
  • Go down to the secret catacombs, a brand new dungeon awaits you all the time. Fight with epic bosses, attack the undead. Search for deadly traps and reach for treasure.
  • Life in the Plaguelands is lonely, bad, brutal, and short. Hunger and thirst will kill you. Conquer nature, hunt animals to replenish your reserves.
  • A clan will increase your chances of survival by one day in this devastating fantasy adventure RPG.
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