Grow ArcherMaster Mod 2.0.3 (Menu, Game Speed, Onehit)

By MinhDuc - New update 02/02/2024
Grow ArcherMaster Mod 2.0.3 (Menu, Game Speed, Onehit)
Name Grow ArcherMaster - Idle Action Rpg
Version v2.0.3
Size 62MB
MOD Features Menu, Game Speed, Onehit
Support Android 5.0
Category Action, Role Playing
Price Free
Developers PixelStar Games


It’s an action game. Play the role of a talented archer. Grow ArcherMaster Mod was built very successfully by PixelStar Games in the context of wars from previous centuries. Prisons are invaded by dangerous monsters. Become an archer and fight with legendary bows. Enter the dark dungeons with increasing difficulty over time. Collect resources to upgrade your bow. Fight and become a legendary archer. Take the glory for yourself. Kill all the monsters that stand in your way. Bringing light to dark prisons. Unlock and explore all modes in the game.

Download Grow ArcherMaster Mod – An Archer’s Battle With Monsters

Grow ArcherMaster Mod belongs to the pixel-style RPG genre. In the game, the player takes the role of an archer. Start with simple equipment and weapons. Your task is to overcome the challenges that are waiting for you ahead to gradually upgrade yourself. Become the most powerful archer of all time. Various challenges with increasing difficulty. With the background of dark prisons filled with dangerous monsters. Go in there and destroy them all. Diverse equipment and skills, one-touch control, and a series of attractive missions. Everything is waiting for you to discover.Grow-ArcherMaster-Mod

Simple, attractive gameplay

Belongs to the genre of action, and role-playing. Grow ArcherMaster Mod is presented with a simple game mode with solo battles with vicious monsters. You will fight until the monster runs out of health to win. In the war, if you want to win, your job is not just basic fighting. Combinations of potions and skills will help you win more easily. Dropped items and gold coins will help you upgrade your character. The upgrade is extremely important because the difficulty will increase gradually after each round.

Sound and graphics

With 2D graphics taking place in pixel style. Grow ArcherMaster Mod will surprise you from the moment you log into the game. From the main interface, characters, monsters, maps…. Everything is designed in the classic style of the last century. From effects when fighting to effects of skills, the design is quite simple but makes a strong impression on players who love the nostalgic style. Combined with realistic sound effects when performing skills as well as fighting. This gives players a sense of attraction and excitement to participate.Game-Grow-ArcherMaster-Mod

Fight with many monsters and defeat the boss

In Grow ArcherMaster Mod, battles with monsters will take place in stages. Overcome them all and fight the final boss. There will be special levels where the monsters will be stronger than other levels. The increased difficulty of the puzzle will of course also come with valuable rewards for killing them. Fight and upgrade your character regularly to become stronger. Ready to fight all the monsters at any time. Join and overcome more challenges you will unlock more interesting things in the game.

Weapon Upgrade

Grow ArcherMaster Mod – right from the game’s name, your main weapon will be bows and arrows. The game offers a diverse bow and arrow system with low to high strength and rarity. The bows with higher levels and rarity will come with greater power. In addition to upgrading bows, you can also collect arrows. When fighting you can use many different types of arrows with different damage levels. You can combine arrows according to your strategy. But pay attention because each arrow will use your energy.Tai-Grow-ArcherMaster-Mod

Collect skills and potions

In addition, the main weapon is a bow and arrow to destroy monsters. Grow ArcherMaster Mod also has a system of skills and potions. Skills will help you strengthen yourself or deal a large amount of damage to enemies. And the potion will help you restore the character’s health and energy. It will be great when fighting but running out of energy, just using the medicine, you can fight hard with ferocious monsters. This is a factor that helps you turn defeat into victory in battles.Game-Grow-ArcherMaster-Mod

With familiar gameplay and gameplay, but not boring. Grow ArcherMaster Mod will bring dramatic, stimulating feelings when fighting scary monsters. Character upgrades, bows, or a variety of powerful skills… All these are waiting for you to discover. Download the game to become a famous archer with absolute power. Free the dark dungeons from monsters.

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