Grow Castle MOD APK 1.39.6 (Unlimited Money, Gold, Coins, Full Diamonds, Onehit, God mode, Level, Upgrade)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/12/2023
Grow Castle MOD APK 1.39.6 (Unlimited Money, Gold, Coins, Full Diamonds, Onehit, God mode, Level, Upgrade)
Name Grow Castle
Version v1.39.6
Size 41MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gold, Coins, Full Diamonds, Onehit, God mode, Level, Upgrade
Support Android 4.1+
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers RAON GAMES


If you are a tower defense game lover. Then Grow Castle will be a great choice. The gameplay requires strategic thinking that changes depending on the match. The player must perform 2 actions at the same time. It’s defense and counterattack. Withstand the enemy’s stormy attacks. Surely players will not be worried. But it must be calm to come up with the right defensive tactics. Arrange the formation of the squad, and prevent the attack like a storm. Along with that is to protect the stronghold safely. Arrange heroes in different places. Especially in areas where enemies appear. Tower defense can also be used to increase defense. Over time, enemies become stronger and more numerous. Upgrade the castle to a higher level to reduce damage from enemies.

Download Grow Castle Mod – Build Strategies to Defend Citadel

The game Grow Castle includes many different levels. For those who are new to the game. It is necessary to choose the level appropriate to the ability to experience. Gradually will get used to, building a fighting technique more diverse. To improve strategic thinking skills. Players must actively participate in a competition with other opponents. Learn more new fighting styles, along with unpredictable changes. Tactics are the most important factor determining victory. Along with that, the heroes are also a factor that brings players closer to victory. So take care of the hero upgrade. When leveling up, especially when facing the final boss, upgrading will be very important. Create the right conversion strategy for each round. Smash all enemy attacks.

Grow Castle Mod

Hero character

Grow Castle is equipped with a variety of heroes for players to freely experience. Each character has a unique personality. So they all have a strategy for them. There are many options available to you. Heroes all have outstanding stats to create strengths and weaknesses. All information is clearly displayed in each character. To mention a few typical heroes, they have the greatest power and are the most popular. Like FIRE WIZARD, ELF, HUNTER, ICE WIZARD, ORGE, PRIEST… For these heroes. When entering the hero area. You will easily find these names. Because the number of users in the battle was too large.

Grow Castle Mod

Newbie mode

Game Grow Castle has a mode specifically for novices. Because when you first enter, you may not know much about the gameplay and knowledge of this genre. The challenge won’t be too difficult. The levels are pretty easy. There aren’t too many big boss attacks. With small armies. It is necessary to organize a small number of heroes to destroy all enemies, defend, and crush their plots of invasion. Then it is possible to immediately launch a counterattack. Attack back into enemy territory. If successful will take control of this kingdom. From there comes new earth for itself to be ruled over.

Game Grow Castle Mod


There are many things that can be improved in version Grow Castle. Castle and Archer are two important items that need to be upgraded when participating in the experience. Over the rounds, the enemy is much stronger. Also, face the final boss of the battle. This boss has extremely terrible attack power and strong defensive ability. If not upgrade hero, tower defense. With the attack power of the boss. In just a few seconds, the fortress will be completely destroyed. So upgrade your heroes, castles, and defense towers to a higher level. Increase attack and defense power and win. Besides skills, treasures and experience are also items to improve.

Download Grow Castle Mod

In short, Grow Castle is really a game worth experiencing. For those who love strategy games. The most important thing is that this game is completely free. Along with that is the Unlimited Money Mod feature. Then you can unlock many new features. The characters have great power… Then victory will be very close to you. Participating in the game is a relaxing moment. Battles to protect the kingdom and destroy monsters are always what every gamer wants. What are you waiting for, come join us and experience it right away.

Outstanding features of Grow Castle

  • There is a very good goalkeeper gameplay for Android phones.
  • The graphics have a fairly simple design, with the stickman style being very popular.
  • More than 12 heroes can use their skills.
  • The system of upgrades and equipment in the store is rich and diverse.
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