Grow Empire: Rome MOD 1.40.5 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, EXP, Onehit, Max level)

By MinhDuc - New update 28/05/2024
Grow Empire: Rome MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, EXP, Onehit, Max level)
Name Grow Empire: Rome
Version v1.40.5
Size 84MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, EXP, Onehit, Max level
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Games Station Studio


Grow Empire: Rome is an extremely useful entertainment game for you to relax every day. A strategy game that is automatically fought after your arrangement. You will create the strongest squad with your own tactics. To be able to attack and move into the enemy’s castle. It is a journey that will be very difficult for you to conquer. A lot of enemy soldiers are preventing the encroachment of your team’s army. You will need to arrange the formation so that you can break the gate as quickly as possible. Before your warriors are defeated after the resistance of the enemy team.

Download Grow Empire: Rome Mod – Build Teams With The Biggest Power

Grow Empire: Rome is an entertaining game with extremely interesting hands-free gameplay that you cannot miss. Attacks to enter behind the enemy team’s stronghold are not simply having enough soldiers. It takes a methodical arrangement and a certain calculation to optimize the amount of power. Because there will be many types of soldiers with different strengths for you to build a team. The soldiers have good resistance, you should leave the front line when attacking. In order to be able to follow in the footsteps of the weaker team but with much stronger attack power, they can move deep inside. Just like that, you will create your own strongest army with special play styles like no other.

Download Grow Empire Mod

Fun Gameplay

Grow Empire is a game with particularly attractive gameplay that makes you unable to stop when you start to enter. You will always want to conquer all the challenges with the most excitement. As a strategy game, your job will only be to arrange the squad with the troops you own. To be able to create the greatest power and overcome the attack behind the enemy’s stronghold. This gameplay will also help you much more hands-free with very few operations. What you need to pay more attention to is the most subtle observation. To be able to see the strengths and weaknesses of the current squad. And begin to create a stronger army after the experience you have experienced.

Tai Grow Empire Mod

Maps, Various Military

Grow Empire: Rome is a game that is released for free on both Android and iOS operating systems. You can download and join without any cost at all. The game has an extremely spacious map system, with different challenges from difficult to easy. You will go through each area in turn, where the strength of the enemy team’s stronghold will increase according to the milestone you play. Your army system is also diverse with many different types. Each type will carry different characteristics so you need to choose the right way. Their power stats are also different, each type will have its own strength.

Grow Empire Mod

Game Graphics

Grow Empire Mod is a game using 2D graphics with extremely interesting animations. The game is made in the ancient style with the soldiers owning very nostalgic costumes. To show the importance of how important the formation of the army was in a battle of the ancient generals. Details in the game are done in a pretty good way. Everything is done with a certain smoothness and sharpness. The colors in the game are done just enough, nothing too special. Teams on both sides will be marked with different colors for you to see clearly.

Game Grow Empire Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the game Grow Empire version of the game. With the unlimited amount of resources you own in the game. You will play the game in a much easier way. Owning all the strongest things for your team is something everyone wishes to have. But it will take a small amount of money to be able to own those things. With this feature, you will get it all without any difficulty and hesitation. There is no need to accumulate and try to earn this amount when participating in the game. This special feature only appears on the Mod version of the game, the original version of the game will not be available.

HOT features of Grow Empire: Rome

  • Attractive defense strategy gameplay on Android phones
  • Beautiful graphics with cartoon design
  • 100 cities conquering ancient Europe
  • 1000 upgrade works
  • 35 different Roman soldiers to research and unlock
  • 4 enemy factions of Europe, each with 12 different divisions
  • 4 heroes with special skills
  • 18 skills to unlock
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