GTA Liberty City Stories Mod 2.4.298 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 27/05/2024
GTA Liberty City Stories Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name GTA: Liberty City Stories
Version v2.4.298
Size 1.0GB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers GTA: Liberty City Stories Rockstar Games


Are you ready for adventure, role-playing as a criminal in GTA Liberty City Stories Mod. This is a game that costs money to download, so players have to spend some money to download it. The game is an interesting story. It revolves around the character Tony Cipriani and takes place in Liberty City. Your mission is to perform offensive actions to gain control of the city. It promises to bring an extremely attractive game. The editor builds a unique set of features. New improvements have been made compared to previous versions. Combine high-definition realistic character creation. Even light and shadow effects in real-time. It also supports physical control function. It helps you to enjoy the game mode vividly.

Download GTA Liberty City Stories Mod – Tony’s journey to becoming the hegemon of Liberty’s underworld

The main character in GTA Liberty City Stories Mod is named Tony. He has just returned to his hometown after evading the law on murder charges. Tony continues to faithfully work for the Leone crime family. And Salvatore is an important figure in the Mafia Leone family. When Tony went into hiding, a man named Vincenzo took his place and he was very trusted by Salvatore. However, this Vincenzo is evil. He plotted to harm Tony so the police could catch him and has since completely replaced Tony. This was discovered, but then Vicenzo still found ways to harm Tony. He had his juniors attack Tony, but Tony destroyed them all. In the end, Vincenzo died because of his cruelty and cruelty.

GTA Liberty City Stories Mod

Salvatore was suddenly arrested. What is the reason? Tony and Salvatore already knew that Massimo Torini was behind it. Then a war broke out between the gangsters. They defeated Torini and saved the mayor. Since then, the Leone family has regained their place in the underworld. Tony has successfully completed his mission and has become an indispensable member of the Leone family. Download now GTA Liberty City Stories Mod to help Tony become the boss of the underground city.

Role play as a dangerous criminal

Based on the open gameplay of GTA Liberty City Stories Mod. You will be playing the role of a notorious gang criminal and do whatever you want. For example, drive a car on the highway to explore the great city of Liberty. Committing crimes by attacking passersby. Steal their vehicles to get around. At the same time do not obey traffic laws and cause accidents with other vehicles.

GTA Liberty City Stories Mod

Moreover, in GTA Liberty City Stories Mod you can search for weapons to fight. Attack the police station, rob the bank. However, because the offense has a corresponding degree of danger. When you reach a certain level, you will become a wanted target of the police. Or maybe attacked by other criminals due to conflicts between gangs. Try to run away and destroy the enemy to save your life. Only if you keep your life will you be able to complete other quests and if you die you will have to start over.

Complete quests to find weapons to equip characters

Life begins in the crime-ridden Liberty City. You will have to do different tasks to help your character become the boss of the underworld. Each mission in GTA Liberty City Stories mod will open in each place. Therefore, you will have to move the character to the position needed to perform the task. Determine the direction of the character’s movement and get to the exact location. You can use it in combination with the mini-map to observe. When you find the location of the quest, you can chat with the NPC character. Or perform a required action to complete a task. From there you get bonuses and you can use this money to buy weapons and equipment so you can use them to overcome the next difficult missions. Or you can steal weapons from gun shops or police weapons.

GTA Liberty City Stories Mod game

Quality graphics, sound

It can be said that GTA Liberty City Stories Mod for Android is the version with the most beautiful graphics in the versions. Because in this version, the game is designed with 3D graphics along with a third-person perspective to create real feelings for players. From roads, landscapes, and environments to characters, the publisher has meticulously designed every line. In addition, the sound of gunfire, car engine sound, elevator sound, and train, … are also very similar. Do not wait any longer without downloading this game to help Tony overcome the most difficult, bloody, fierce battles to become an underworld crime boss.

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