Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod APK 1.2.8 (Unlimited Moves)

By MinhDuc - New update 21/11/2023
Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod APK 1.2.8 (Unlimited Moves)
Name Guitar Girl Match 3
Version v1.2.8
Size 304M
MOD Features Unlimited Moves
Support Android 6.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers NeoPOP


Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod was created and developed by the NeoPOP team. Promises to be a great game with high entertainment. There’s nothing better than enjoying emotional recordings. Above all, from a cute girl performing. What developments can happen, what songs are played, and participate in the experience to witness. That is not all, the game also offers a series of puzzles. Free for players to try, and challenge their own intelligence. With the familiar match-3 puzzle game described by sweet candies. Try to solve them all, and move the same blocks to create explosions. Complete missions and earn rewards for unlocking new tracks. Costumes for girls as well as guitars with many designs.

Download Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod – Challenge Yourself With Guitar Voice Puzzles

Join Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod to enjoy music in a new style. Performed by a virtual girl in the form of an anime image. Each song brings a separate emotion from the image, the place of performance to the expression. For example, the face with a hint of sadness in a gentle symphony full of depth. With all the different stories expressed through the guitar sound. As a music lover, don’t miss this opportunity. Enjoy the guitar while at the same time increasing the mind. Puzzle-style match-3 legendary game. Earn money to unlock more costumes when the game is designed up to 57 sets as well as 53 types of accessories. Not to mention there are 73 guitars, if you want to have them all, the challenge of finding the answers is not to be missed. The gameplay is not too challenging, don’t hesitate,Game Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod

Explore Many Scenes

Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod in addition to the guitar tracks, is the puzzle game that makes the brand. There are other elements added to add to the fun. They were talking about the scenes that appear in each performance. Very diverse, and all kinds of fun colors are not lacking. For example, a simple classroom with Japanese-style tables and chairs. Or the image of a meadow by a poetic lake. There are not too many details, but there is nothing better than sitting on it and enjoying a gentle guitar song. There are also shops, restaurants, and even the girl’s house. Just normal pictures but can make players feel comfortable.Tai Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod

Various Outfits

Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod is not designed with too many characters, but there is only one person throughout the whole game. Take the image of a cute girl with a guitar with an anime-style design. For that reason, the developer invests a lot. The best finishing aims to give players the best feeling when enjoying music. With all kinds of clothes, and different costumes. Bring many styles towards each individual beauty of a girl. And the player’s task when participating in the game will have to think about how to get as much as possible. Ensure conditions for coordination before performing performances. If the outfit is suitable for the outside, it will definitely create an unexpected highlight.Download Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod

Exciting Mini-Games

Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod except for the match-3 puzzle game, there are two other games. The first is Tripeaks built with extremely attractive gameplay. Up to 75 levels wrapped in 10 themes, play to earn big money. There is nothing better than having the opportunity to receive high-value rewards. Bejeweled, too, is one of the legendary classic games. Take the combination to create puzzles to challenge players. If done well, you can even get special accessories or locked tracks. Don’t skip any mini-games, challenge yourself more in every aspect. Constantly improve intellectual thinking logically.Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod

The infinite move is a new feature added in Guitar Girl Match 3 Mod. Very useful, especially in the match-3 puzzle game. Players can freely come up with options without fear of being wrong when the official version is limited to a certain number. Creates invisible pressure on each answer. Play on the mod don’t be afraid to try, feel free to enjoy. As long as the move scores points, complete the assigned task. Pass the levels to earn great rewards. Limits with mods are almost non-existent.

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