Guitar Girl Mod 5.7.1 (Unlimited Fans/Loves)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/03/2024
Guitar Girl Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Fans/Loves)
Name Guitar Girl
Version v5.7.1
Size 106MB
MOD Features Unlimited Fans/Loves
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers NEOWIZ


Guitar Girl Mod is an anime-style simulation game. It’s been storming lately. Since its launch, it has been well received by many users. As the name suggests, this game is about music and a girl. Accompanying the girl in her career to glory. Become the hottest guitar player on social networks. The girl wants to bring joy and inspiration to people with her music. And you have to help her fulfill that dream. Get a chance to enjoy smooth and relaxing music. From there will win the love of fans, friends, and even celebrities. Let’s witness the growth of a talented girl and enjoy the excitement through music.

Download Guitar Girl Mod – Enjoy music in an idle style

Guitar Girl Mod is unlike any other simulation game. Bring in many interesting things of your own. The game does not require first-class musical ability, understanding, or much practice. It is designed with idle “Click” game mechanics. But still has great appeal. In the game, you will be accompanied by a shy and self-deprecating girl. Try every day to be a social media guitarist. It is a long and unexpected journey through hundreds of levels. Your mission is to level up the girl. To unlock new songs, new friends, and lots of cool outfits. To get there, it takes your fandom and popularity.Guitar Girl mod

Join the music social network

Start Guitar Girl Mod right in your room. Where you can stream music to engage people. The girl plays simple songs that are available. Your task is to click continuously on the screen to increase your heart rate. The game mechanics are simple and can be fun to experience. Along with a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Smooth and charming guitar music. Also, you can see people commenting on your live stream. This motivates you to keep going every day. Hearts and comments are important as they help to update and unlock new content. In addition, you can also get candy from fans. It will help unlock and upgrade people with necessary items.Guitar Girl mod

Everything is simpler and easier than ever. But the Guitar Girl Mod experience is becoming more and more interesting. As you progress over time, you will be able to access more unique content. After leveling up, can unlock amazing new songs. Your girl also gains more skills. To play better and attract more fans. If you reach a certain level, it’s even possible to unlock some new support characters.

Unlock new outfits and locations

Guitar Girl Mod, in particular, offers a wide range of options for character customization. These are beautiful, age-appropriate outfits. Your girl can wear school uniform, high school, and dress up cute. Along with many accessories such as earrings, hair clips, and high heels. Also, you can help her unlock new skins for the guitar. And don’t forget to buy new decorations to change the look of your room. Refresh them with a bed, decorative flowers, wall art, clock, desk, pet, teddy bear… That will attract more Guitar Girl mod

Beautiful anime design

Guitar Girl Mod is designed with 2D graphics in anime style. It vividly shows the image of a cute high school girl. With many beautiful suits and flexible facial expressions when playing. Along with other details to make an unforgettable impression. From objects in the room to symbols such as hearts, candies… And the images of the supporting characters are equally captivating. Clear sound comes from the music. Soft guitar music can capture your Guitar Girl mod

Guitar Girl Mod brings unforgettable moments of entertainment. Is it a music simulation game in cartoon style? Players can relax in the soothing guitar music. You don’t need to be an expert to get started and it doesn’t take much. This is a place to relax and find inspiration. You can experience it without any pressure because the upgrade process happens very naturally. And much more is waiting for you. Let’s join the experience now.

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