Download Gunner FPS Shooter Mod APK 2.6.0 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 05/11/2023
Gunner FPS Shooter Mod APK 2.6.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name Gunner FPS Shooter
Version v2.6.0
Size 37MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers FIRE GAME


Gunner FPS Shooter Mod is an action game created and developed by FIRE GAME. A game company specializing in the shooting genre, known by many people. Built with unique shooting gameplay designed in the style of FPS. For players to have the most realistic look when becoming a warrior. Participate in dangerous battles and intense gunfights. And can lose one life at any time just ignore a little bit and make the wrong options. Do you dare challenge yourself, to download to try? The game with countless battles has been built just waiting for enough people to compete. Join the battlefield trying to beat all the targets, and score a really high score. Aim for the top to become MVP in battles.

Download Gunner FPS Shooter Mod – Challenge Yourself In Shooting Aspect

Gunner FPS Shooter Mod hears from the name that everyone can guess more or less about the game. A place for players to challenge themselves with countless battles designed. Just step into the game there is no shortage of different opponents at many levels for players to confront. Show your shooting skills, and prove to everyone your true strength. By thinking about how to control the character is equipped with weapons. Based on the terrain of the battlefield attack the enemy by surprise. Following various paths move skillfully around to the back. Or find hiding places where the enemy is hard to see to aim and shoot, making them unable to react. It is important to be able to handle the situation, even if it is a surprise attack, you must not panic. That is the real strength, ready to combine movement and attack to have a chance to survive.Gunner FPS Shooter Mod

Multiple Modes To Try

Gunner FPS Shooter Mod has not only one mode but up to three main modes. Players can experiment freely to get different experiences of the game. With team battles that require very high solidarity, the achievement of the whole team will be based on the score of each person. Win or lose will also be calculated by the final result after the time is over. Players will need to know how to go together and implement siege tactics. If you do not want to constantly lose network in this mode. Or counter-terrorism, which is also a team-based combat genre, but more prone to quick raids. In addition, the mission mode is also very good, where players can earn more rewards.Game Gunner FPS Shooter Mod

Various Weapons

Gunner FPS Shooter Mod’s arsenal is extremely outstanding. With so many different types of weapons, there are up to ten different types of guns not to mention other weapons. The most commonly used rifles in combat are the AK47, and M4A1, … Submachine guns have a fast fire rate, and shotguns shoot close range but do great damage. There are even a few sniper rifles, and there’s no shortage of pistols. Each type has its own advantages. Just knowing how to use it can bring an advantage to an unexpected victory. In addition, other weapons are not simple. In close combat, there are knives, sickles, and swords that, if used correctly, can kill a life with just one hit. Or grenades that deal large-scale damage also have smoke-generating types. Feel free to choose to use.Tai Gunner FPS Shooter Mod

Build Multiple Maps

Gunner FPS Shooter Mod exists a lot of maps for players to challenge themselves. In which there are typical Brick, Arab, in addition, there are many. Designed with each map will bring a new landscape. Be inspired by many locations. Basically can be ruined, abandoned relics, or places that have experienced war. The terrain will also have obstacles, and moving road constructions, but all will be randomly arranged. Make each map a completely separate location. In order to bring a new feeling when choosing to participate in battles each time.Download Gunner FPS Shooter Mod

As a shooting game, the armory alone is a problem that costs a lot of money. Not to mention other items and equipment. With the original version, it does not know how long it takes to accumulate enough to be able to own an item. Makes it difficult to experience when players want to try more guns. That’s why Gunner FPS Shooter Mod was made, with some extra features. The most special of which is unlimited money. Players can freely use and shop, almost the amount of money in this mod version is unlimited.

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