Gunspell Mod APK 1.6.699 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/11/2023
Gunspell Mod APK 1.6.699 (Unlimited Money)
Name Gunspell - Match 3 Puzzle RPG
Version v1.6.699
Size 89MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers AKPublish pty ltd


Gunspell Mod is a combination of fighting games with the Match 3 puzzle genre. Created and developed by the team AKPublish pty ltd. Tells about the adventure and everything revolves around the character of the same name in the game. And his adventure in a strange land full of mysteries. Countless battles will take place if you want to continue walking to explore. Monsters and demons are created to prevent the player’s footsteps. Only victory can go on. Players need to prepare, and fully equipped with weapons when participating in the game. Ready to overcome all the pre-arranged gates to get to the final point. Fight with a match-3 puzzle method. Find the answer to be able to attack.

Download Gunspell Mod – Fight Monsters By Solving Match-3 Puzzles

Gunspell Mod will bring players into a new world. Where humans no longer control, extremely dangerous monsters are the ones who hold them all. Occupy in many different locations and man is just a small animal. But not because of that, there are people giving up, there are still some people who stand up to fight. And the character gunspell is one of them. The player will have to go with him to fight all the monsters. Aim to destroy the whole thing so that everything returns to peace. Find the solution to the given match-3 puzzle challenge. When three or more blocks can be stacked in a straight line. The gems will disappear and the player will be granted a hit or heal. Based on the characteristics of each block containing the gem, each type has a different use.Download Gunspell Mod

Simple Gameplay

Gunspell Mod as well as other games with integrated match-3 puzzles. The only difference is that players will meet new opponents and challenges. Here is fighting monsters on the journey of discovery. Players will still fight using jigsaw puzzles. Think to be able to create a straight line on 3 or as many as possible. With only one move. With blocks containing skulls, representing attacks that deal damage to enemies. Gems shaped like a four-leaf clover help the player’s character recover health. As for the blue gem, when eaten, it will be absorbed and converted into energy that can be used to use skills. Deals high damage to enemies. The game is much more, only when participating can you understand it all.Game Gunspell Mod

Time Regulations

When players experience Gunspell Mod, in battles with monsters. On match-3 puzzle levels, there will be a time display. Both the enemy side and the player have, whoever’s turn will be shown. If the time is over, that person will lose their turn and proceed to switch to the next object. Without exception, requires players to think quickly to come up with a timely solution. Move blocks to achieve high efficiency in a limited time. To attack should target monsters. Don’t give the enemy a chance to attack again. There are times when just a few hits can decide the outcome of a match. Be careful not to miss any opportunity.Gunspell Mod

Weapons And Equipment

Gunspell Mod in addition to high requirements on player skills. Support items or equipment, and weapons for the character are also a decisive part of the victory. The game is very diverse, there is a modern section designed in it. In addition to the knife or sword, the gun is also given by the developer. Not just one, but several different types. Feel free to search to equip the character. Surely the combat ability will be increased, and the damage caused will be greater. Not only that but there are also armor, rings, and seconds to switch each item will add a separate stat value.Tai Gunspell Mod

Gunspell Mod has simple gameplay but the challenge is not so. The game is designed with a lot of levels to play, whereby the opponent will become stronger day by day. Players can only continue when they pass the gate in front. Winning is not just about every player. Having good items to equip, upgrading, and caring for the character will also increase the victory rate. The game has a lot of furniture, but owning it also requires money. But it’s hard to own one thing, not to mention the whole thing. That is the original version, but with the mod, it will become a lot easier. Built with unlimited money features, allowing players to shop comfortably.

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