Download Hay Day Mod APK 1.60.231 (Unlimited Money, Seeds) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 17/12/2023
Hay Day Mod APK 1.60.231 (Unlimited Money, Seeds)
Name Hay Day
Version v1.60.231
Size 167MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Seeds
Support Android 4.1
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Supercell


Hay Day is a farm game that has been loved and participated by many young people. The farm game genre has always given us a sense of fun and enjoyment. Since more than a decade ago, playing on mobile devices with JAVA operating system. We have already seen how big the explosion of avatar games with similar gameplay is. Now as the smartphone game technology is more and more developed. We will experience this game of growing animals with more improved features. Beautiful pictures and vivid sound are made much better. Bring us the most relaxing and enjoyable gaming moments.

Download Hay Day Mod – Happy Farm and Friends

Hay Day is a game developed by game company Supercell. Released on both Android and iOS operating systems. You can download and join the game completely for free without paying any money. Play as a small farm owner with exciting farming jobs. Peaceful village scene with green plants and lovely pets. When you are in the noisy city, the game seems to bring you back to the peaceful countryside places. A very suitable tool for you to relieve stress and pressure every day.


Fun Gameplay

Game Hay Day Mod has a very interesting gameplay, many young people participate in it. Become a farm owner and do all the work here. You will start planting trees with the few plots of land that the game has given you when you first joined. After a period of playing, you will have enough resources to expand your farm larger. By selling crops and making a profit from them. Not only growing trees but you can also raise animals such as sheep, chickens, pigs…. To be able to earn the biggest and fastest money and expand your farm to become bigger. The animals or plants grown here all have a certain amount of time to be harvested. Calculate the time to harvest and do not waste time when they are mature.

Game HAY DAY Mod

Attractive Features

Hay Day has a lot of interesting features waiting for you to experience and discover. You will be given lucky spin every day when you log in for a new day. Along with that are different valuable gifts when accumulating the number of login times per day. You can also earn yourself a certain amount of diamonds when you watch the game’s ads. The money when you sell agricultural products or view ads will have many uses. In order for your home to become more spacious and beautiful, you need to constantly upgrade and shop for the house. Sparkling decorations always carry a pretty hefty price tag in the game’s store. Requires you to work hard and try to earn a lot of money to be able to own it.


Game Graphics And Sound

Hack Hay Day owns a set of colorful 2D graphics. When you first join the game, the scene of the game will make you hooked from the first seconds. The pets here are all made in a very cute way. With cute animations as much as possible, making you relieve a lot of fatigue of a day. Details in the game are done in a moderate way. Not too detailed to match the style of the game. The colors are fresh to each scene, there are no dark colors in the game. The sound effects are also great to blend with the gameplay of this game. Funny sounds and noises made when touching the screen contribute to your experience.

Download HAY DAY Mod

You will own extremely useful features to develop the farm when joining the Hay Day version. Own a large amount of money and seeds to be able to expand your farm from the first moment you join. When the farm area is expanded, it means you can grow and raise more. From there earn more money in this play phase. No need to deal with huge amounts of money, you can now do whatever you like without worrying about the price. Special plant varieties will also belong to you when participating in this version.

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