Download Head Ball 2 Mod 1.582 (Menu, Freeze enemies, Rocket goal, Movement Speed) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 27/02/2024
Head Ball 2 Mod 1.582 (Menu, Freeze enemies, Rocket goal, Movement Speed)
Name Head Ball 2
Version v1.582
Size 150MB
MOD Features Menu, Freeze enemies, Rocket goal, Movement Speed
Support Android 4.1+
Category Sport
Price Free
Developers Masomo Gaming


If you are a sports enthusiast, love football. But it was too boring with games that had to control too many players. Head Ball 2 Mod is a great choice for you. A football game that is completely different from other games of the same genre. The game has a solo mode, you will have to confront an opponent. Players will not use nor have too many skills related to the ball. The gameplay is very simple, your players will kick the ball with their feet and head. Players will control the player with 3 skills that are forward, backward, and jump to head. Combine these 3 skills, and transform them so that they are flexible and suitable for the situations in each match. Each round takes place in 120s, your task is not to let the ball into your own goal, but to put the ball into the opponent’s golf course. At the end of the game time,

Download Head Ball 2 Mod – Fun soccer game on mobile

If you want to explore and experience the features of Hack Head Ball 2 Mod, it is extremely simple. So since its launch, it has received a lot of support from users. Help this game become the most searched name on mobile. Bringing players to a world of completely new experiences, practicing soccer skills in a simple way. Get familiar with powerful kicks when you have enough energy or use the right technique. In addition, the items also help players get the victory easier. So, let’s find out all the interesting features of this game, it certainly won’t let you down.Head Ball 2 Mod

Exciting new gameplay

In Head Ball 2 Mod, players will not have to pass the ball nor shoot the ball. When you have the ball at your foot, you just need to lead a circuit to the opponent’s goal and pass them to get a goal. However, the opponent will also try to prevent you from scoring, so skillfully eliminate them. The player who scores more goals wins the match. Each player will have their own skills and style of football. You need to know the players well to be able to control them easily. Or when you have to face those players, you already know your strengths and love, so winning is not difficult. Practice and getting used to the gameplay of this gameplay gradually lead to becoming a professional player challenging every opponent in every game.Head Ball 2 Mod

Diverse game modes and a system of players with special abilities

Another thing that Head Ball 2 Mod brings to players is the player’s superpowers. Each player will have their own special ability. They can turn into super giants for a few seconds or can also launch skills to freeze the enemy in an instant etc. Along with 18 other skills that I can’t tell you all. Each skill has certain advantages, along with it also has disadvantages. Let’s learn carefully the player’s skills to make the best use of them. This is a prerequisite if you want to win. There is also an online game mode that allows you to compete against other online players. Helps to increase competition and much more exciting. The cheers of the audience also make players feel excited and motivated to compete.Head Ball 2 Mod

Graphics and sound

The graphics and sound of Head Ball 2 Mod has brought players full of enjoyment. Carefully designed from the shape of the character, the audience to the superpowers of the characters when released, all are made very perfectly. Combined with the lively sound effects you can feel through the cheers of the audience in the stands, it creates the excitement of the Head Ball 2 Mod

With the Mod version of Head Ball 2 Mod. Players will not need to think about money. Or find cards to own famous players in the world. In order to create a healthy sports playground, helping people have moments of entertainment after stressful working and studying hours. In this version, players will be delighted to buy what is in the shop, it’s completely free with unlimited money. Own all famous players easily. Gold will always be increased as soon as you buy the item. Please download the game and experience it with me and don’t forget to leave feedback below so I can continue to develop and improve in other games.

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