Helicopter Escape 3D Mod APK 1.18.0 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 10/01/2024
Helicopter Escape 3D Mod APK 1.18.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name Helicopter Escape 3D
Version v1.18.0
Size 90MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers SayGames Ltd


Helicopter Escape 3D with entertaining gameplay was created and developed by SayGames Ltd. The game is designed with simple gameplay. When players join, they will be challenged with the job of becoming saviors. Take the combat job to be a soldier on a helicopter. Go seek help for those in trouble who are being chased by the enemy. Help for the hearts that are in danger of life on the rooftops of high-rise buildings. At the same time destroy all the evil enemies that can be bandits, gangsters, or scary zombie creatures. Direct threats to innocent people who want to find a way to live. With graphics designed in 3D to let players see the whole scene of everything. At the same time, it also saw a new perspective when challenging and rescuing hostages.

Download Helicopter Escape 3D Mod – Do the job of rescuing the Chased

There are always people who need help, so there must also be people willing to help others. Helicopter Escape 3D is the game to give everyone a chance to be a good person. When the game has countless battles, the corresponding rescue missions. The place where the pursuit of bad guys directly affects the lives of innocent people. Create challenges for players to try. Be transformed into a warrior and fully equipped with modern weapons. Stand on the helicopter overhead to the designated places. Ready to attack those who are intended to be targets that need to be destroyed. With a large number designed by the same developer to identify. Do not let them catch up, affecting the hostages. The one that needs to be rescued and of course the player must ensure safety.

Game Helicopter Escape 3D Mod

Equipment Upgrades

The challenge of Helicopter Escape 3D Mod will be more and more difficult. Challenging the player requires more and more progress. Increase the stimulation to the very feeling of wanting to overcome the limits of the player. But the action-style game should be beyond skill. There must also be external conditions if the goal is to be guaranteed. Therefore, upgrading equipment is an inevitable and necessary thing. Therefore, the game designed a separate feature for upgrading. It is possible to increase the damage of weapons with all kinds of different guns. Like pistols, long-range assault rifles, submachine guns, SMGs… can also be upgraded for aircraft.

Download Helicopter Escape 3D Mod

Build With Many Levels

Helicopter Escape 3D builds challenges into tiers. Or you can call by level or by level. With the difficulty designed to differentiate from low to high, gradually players also have to continuously improve their level. The first ten levels are warm-up levels to get used to the gameplay. There will be nothing too difficult to overcome, but what follows will be real challenges. When the enemy can only use bare hands at first, chase the hostages. After that, monsters like zombies’ chase speed will be increased. But still, nothing will reach the level even if they are equipped with additional weapons. It is completely possible to attack the player’s character again. If you don’t prepare, you will absolutely be defeated by the enemies.

Helicopter Escape 3D Mod

Character Outfits

In the game Helicopter Escape 3D Mod, the character design is quite simple. Just blocks in different shapes put together. Nearly every character follows a certain pattern. Because in order to create more uniqueness, as well as cover up defects, increase the uniqueness. So the game takes the costume as the highlight, used to distinguish between the characters. When equipped can bring a completely new look. Maybe it’s a doctor-style white suit, a military uniform that turns into a warrior when worn. Or with colorful clothes like clowns, students, etc. All are created according to the costumes of different jobs. Free for players to transform themselves into all the characters.

Tai Helicopter Escape 3D Mod

Helicopter Escape 3D is a new version that has improved as well as added some features. The most typical is the unlimited money mod. Helps those who are new to the game will be less burdened with the tasks. When you have a huge amount of money, you can go shopping for equipment to aid in challenges. Or can upgrade all weapons to the maximum level, ensuring the outside conditions at the highest level. Participating in the challenge will become easier, and the success rate of completing the mission will be increased. Aim to be a player with a position on the universally recognized leaderboard.

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