Hempire Mod 2.33.2 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Unlock VIP)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/03/2024
Hempire Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Unlock VIP)
Name Hempire - Plant Growing Game
Version v2.33.2
Size 68MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Diamonds, VIP Unlocked
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers LBC Studios Inc.


Have you ever thought that you would grow and sell marijuana? It is possible with the Hempire Mod. Transform into a boss to manage a cannabis business created by yourself. Grow some grass to sell to those in need to make a profit. Just a small room, can start to breed a sufficient number to plant. But when you grow up, you need a cannabis farm. Only able to meet the growing needs of customers. When our cannabis system was everywhere. Then I firmly believe that an entire city will be covered with marijuana. Not only marijuana but expand your business into other areas when you have enough capital. You will have a lot of competition so be on the lookout.

Download Hempire Mod – Own a cannabis production business

Participating in the Hempire Mod will grow and sell cannabis to customers. A very profitable business but also has a lot of risks. Starting the experience the player will have access to everything through the tutorial. If you have mastered them all, then everything will become fast and on the right track. Can manage, grow, then harvest and process cannabis quickly to sell to the market. After such cannabis trips, the money will be added to the account. Just like that will soon become a true billionaire. However, everything difficult is ahead. There will be many more trials in the process of business management. Moreover, upgrading and expanding the farming range will also be difficult.Hempire Mod

Create new varieties of cannabis

Starting off, Hempire Mod will guide you to grow basic types of marijuana. Make a profit out of it and run your own business. Once there are enough profits, it is easy to scale up and breed new varieties. Just pair two plants together and add the necessary spices. Create a new strain of cannabis that has superior properties to the original plant. Reconstituted cannabis plants often have better properties than conventional cultivars. From fast development speed. Harvest time is early and can easily thrive in a farm environment. New varieties of cannabis will reach more customers. Because of their freshness.game Hempire Mod

Most importantly, do not forget to take care of the Hempire Mod farm. Many devices, will need to be repaired and upgraded from time to time. The scale of the farm is also gradually expanding to grow more types of cannabis. Meet the growing needs of customers. Players can also unlock new plant varieties to breed and renew the farm. With the growing scale and the number of sales on the market is increasing. Sooner or later you will have a cannabis empire and a huge fortune. But it is also important to be aware of the competitors in the market. It takes a strategy to get ahead and beat them. Thereby attracting customers to approach and take the business further in the future.

Unlimited business expansion

Hempire Mod brings an open world. It is possible to make a business through the cultivation of cannabis. Besides creating new varieties, new strains are better adapted than before. Sell ​​marijuana to special people for a profit. Create more new products to reach more customers. From there you can sell marijuana with cakes or food. Build a business store. To bring cannabis to consumers in the fastest way. Help players can increase consumption efficiency and profit.download Hempire Mod

Compete with friends online

The most novel thing that other simulation games do not have. Is the uniqueness of Hempire Mod. Bringing dozens of outstanding events for players to explore. Can compete with many other players around the globe. Invite friends or people to visit and experience the scale of cannabis cultivation. It is also possible to compete with other players by level and wealth. The game has a whole community of people who love growing cannabis. Join and learn more experiences.Ear Hempire Mod

When participating in Hempire Mod can become a billionaire. By expanding the scale of growing cannabis and selling it to the market. You are the business owner. Grow it to become the biggest cannabis empire in the city. From there you can buy many things like cars, houses… Come experience with us. To discover new things still ahead.

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