Download Horror Brawl MOD APK 1.5.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Gems, Free Rewards) Free

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Horror Brawl MOD APK 1.5.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Gems, Free Rewards)
Name Horror Brawl
Version v1.5.2
Size 585MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money/Gems, Free Rewards
Support Android 6.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Keplerians Horror Games


As a lover of horror movies, then try experiencing the game Horror Brawl MOD APK. This is a game released by the Keplerians Horror Games team. A game company that specializes in designing and building scary action games. The purpose is to test the player’s endurance. And see how well you can withstand the horrors. Is it possible to overcome fear? When you are transformed and become a character to fight with other players. And it is entirely possible for the character to turn into a horror monster to attack. Create a difference, attract a lot of people’s attention. With images designed in dark, mysterious and creepy colors. Try to create the most fear when the player needs to concentrate very much on the gun battle with the opponent.

Download Horror Brawl Mod – Fight to Be the Last Survivor

Horror Brawl hack is a perfect game that combines two popular genres. It is an act of survival, competing with many people in a certain area. With horror images creating a scary scene. Test the player’s courage to see if they can overcome their fear to fight. Concentrate on the match to defeat other opponents and become the last survivor. There will be no sympathy, only life or death. Don’t hesitate to take down your opponent as soon as you get the chance. Otherwise, in return, the person lying down will be you. You must always stay alert, ready to improvise, and quick to dodge when faced with an attack. No matter how the opponent is a creature, don’t worry about how they dress. Fight your fears and prove yourself capable of destroying many enemies. And become the only warrior to survive to the end.

Game Ice Scream Horror Brawl Mod

Character Appearance

In addition to pre-designed characters, you can choose to participate in competitions. Game Horror Brawl also has the ability to change the character’s appearance. With many different costumes and accessories. It depends on what style the player wants their representative in the game to have. From there, imagine how to dress to match the character’s outfit. Increase the character’s appearance to become more beautiful. Make a strong impression on your opponents and other players. Or create a difference with many unique outfits, combining many styles together. And can also transform into horror monsters like Mr. Meat, Ice Scream or Evil Nun. When you meet certain requirements in battle.

Download Ice Scream Horror Brawl Mod

Many Tasks To Perform

Horror Brawl Mod is designed with a huge mission system. From daily tasks to weekly tasks. Even bigger are the seasonal or event-based missions. Comfortable so players can show off their fighting skills. As well as earning a goal to strive for, there will be rewards corresponding to the difficulty. As long as you work hard, you will definitely have enough money to shop and buy the necessary items. As well as receiving experience points to level up the character. If you’re lucky, you can also receive rare items like epic or mythical items. If you equip your character with those rare items, they will attract more looks from everyone.

Tai Ice Scream Horror Brawl Mod

Many types of Items

The survival game follows the fighting method, using guns as a common weapon to attack. So in the Horror Brawl hacked version, there is a huge arsenal of weapons and items available. These are items that can only be owned when participating in the match. On the battlefield, as soon as you enter the game, many different types of weapons will appear scattered everywhere. For example, weapons include guns or swords, used to destroy opponents. Or losing a character’s health when facing many other players is normal. But players need to know how to find chests and supply chests. That is where items containing specialized items to restore the character’s status are stored. If used properly, partial victory will be guaranteed.

Ice Scream Horror Brawl Mod

Horror Brawl Mod with battle royale-style survival gameplay. But it is designed in a horror style with many scary images. The aim is to increase stimulation when participating in the experience. But the most important point is still to fight hard. To survive to the end and become the winner. Complete assigned tasks well to receive many rewards. But the original version was said to be limited, that’s why the MOD version was born. Built in additional features to receive free rewards. To have the opportunity to obtain many rare items, freely experience the game.

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