House Flipper MOD 1.393 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Flipcoins, Unlocked All)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/05/2024
House Flipper MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Flipcoins, Unlocked All)
Name House Flipper
Version v1.393
Size 223MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Flipcoins, Unlocked All
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers PlayWay SA


House Flipper is a game that simulates home repair work. Created by the game design team PlayWay SA. With the desire to give players the experience of managing a renovation company. Here, players will be given the task of repairing degraded houses. See if any items are unnecessarily damaged or damaged, then throw them away. Repair, decorate and repaint to create a whole new look. Unleash your creativity, design houses with the style you desire. Rearrange your furniture neatly. Combined with the use of all available space. To create unique masterpieces for the house. But always ensure compliance with customer requirements.

Download House Flipper Mod – Creat e and Renovate Every House

All tasks, house renovation requirements in House Flipper: Home Design are done by the player. From ideation to design work. The game will have tons of different missions. Countless broken houses are in need of repair. Ruined houses, cluttered with old furniture everywhere. Paint peeling, moss growing on the wall. Stains on the curtains and the floor. Everything is like a mess, the player will start with the cleaning job. Renovate the house with enough space to add the necessary furniture. With tons of furniture with many different styles for players to choose from. Find the right items for the room. Feel free to be creative in a variety of ways. Renovate a house with a completely new look, suitable to ensure comfort for the owner.

House Flipper Mod

Diverse Furniture

In the House Flipper, there are more than 500 types of furniture. Players can freely come up with a variety of different ideas to implement. Creatively decorate houses with many styles. Only common items such as tables, chairs, cabinets, vases, there are several types. Wallpaper, paint or decorative objects really cannot be counted. As long as you have an idea in mind, you can completely implement it in the game. But to use it will have to spend an amount corresponding to the items you want to buy. But if finished well, the house will sell for a high price for a huge amount of money.

This is House Flipper Mod

Helpful Support Tools

To renovate a house, you cannot use bare hands. To meet that, House Flipper: Home Design designed a series of useful tools for players to use. The most basic like a broom used to clean the house. Clean dirt and stains everywhere in the room. Drills, hammers, nails, … are all indispensable items for any home repairman. As long as you know how to use it properly and for the right purpose, the house can be completed very quickly. Many items that have been renovated based on those tools can also be reused. It will save you quite a bit of money.

Games House Flipper Mod

Generate More Income

Players when renovating the house will need to have money to buy the necessary furniture. It will cost a lot of money with a rather high cost. Therefore, the House Flipper has created a capital turnover mechanism. When completing a house, it has been beautifully renovated and fully equipped. Players can completely sell them if the price is right. To generate income for yourself. From there, make capital to continue to buy more damaged houses. Start the remodeling process and design lots of beautiful homes with styles. Try your hand at creating houses according to your thoughts, see how people accept.

Download House Flipper Mod

House Flipper: Home Design is a game to build and renovate almost throwaway houses into a habitable place. The work required the need to have ideas, redesign almost completely, refresh everything. So to complete a house will need a lot of different items and furniture. But all have to pay a new price can own. There are very demanding tasks, it will take a lot of money to buy new decorations. However, when completing a house, selling it will get a sum of money. But there will be times when money is short, because there are many items with very high prices. So with the new version has added unlimited money feature to help players comfortably shop. Find the highest quality furniture to renovate gorgeous homes that attract everyone’s attention.

HOT feature of House Flipper

  • Very realistic 3D graphics, wonderfully beautiful experience images.
  • An intuitive game and smooth operation, will be extremely addictive (60 FPS game).
  • There are many different interesting missions for you to challenge yourself.
  • Buy, sell your home, or renovate them to your own style, as well as decorate your home.
  • Support tools to level up and upgrade.
  • Over 500 adorable decorations and furniture (beds, nightstands, nightstands, chairs, TV cabinets, travel tables, armchairs, sofas and more to unlock)
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