Human: Fall Flat Mod APK 1.14 (Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 10/11/2023
Human: Fall Flat Mod APK 1.14 (Unlocked)
Name Human: Fall Flat
Latest Version v1.14
File capacity 1,4GB
MOD Features Unlocked
Support Android 5.0
Category Adventure
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers 505 Games Srl


If you want a game for fun, then the game Human: Fall Flat Mod is an absolutely great choice. Created by 505 Games Srl, it is sure to bring players relaxing moments. Game with puzzle gameplay that takes the character named Bob to the finish line. Do not think simply, along the way are designed countless different challenges. Those are challenges to overcome, you must find ways, think and apply the things around you. As long as you don’t give up, there will always be a way to go, there will be many opportunities to try. And of course, you can also invite more friends to play, with up to 4 people. Together, all difficulties can be solved, adding one person is an extra part of strength. Work together to conquer all the puzzles of the game, and overcome all levels to clear the island.

Download Human: Fall Flat Mod – Brain Challenge With Fun Journey

Human: Fall Flat Mod takes players into a world of fun, with puzzles. Requires the player to think to answer, and find a way to bring the guy named Bod to the end. It has been a long journey, with many challenges along the way. To overcome the requirement to control the character logically in sequential steps. Requires players to have the ability because the character is designed to look like a human, but always staggers when walking. Creating clumsiness, so mastering the control is the real challenge. The character’s hands are very sticky and can cling to things or grasp objects easily, don’t be afraid to try many ways. Surely if you think carefully, you will see the way to move through, move forward.

Download Human Fall Flat Mod

Conquer All Puzzles

The puzzles that Human: Fall Flat Mod brings are always integrated with physical elements. Bring in the style of moving, exploring, and conquering challenges by thinking. So the game is not limited by action, players can do everything they want to move, but always have to bring a single goal to reach the destination. Each challenge that requires players to think is divided into areas. To get to the next point, you need to find a way to pass. Control the character carefully, based on the terrain step by step perform appropriate movements. Smoothly put actions together in a sequence, one step at a time.

Human Fall Flat Mod

Play With Friends

It doesn’t just stop at asking players to solve puzzles alone. Human: Fall Flat Mod also has a mode to invite more friends or relatives to experience. The game is designed to add a multiplayer mode with a maximum number of four. Having more people will increase a solution, a part of the ability to find a way to overcome the challenge. Although there will be times when those initiatives do not bring success but must try to have a chance. And you will feel that the game is more suitable when playing with many people. Having moments of entertainment at the same time increases the connection with the fun adventure.

Game Human Fall Flat Mod

Character Appearance

Uniquely designed characters are the highlight that attracts players. Human: Fall Flat Mod built a separate feature to change the appearance of the character. Players can become whoever they want because the style will be decided by you. There are a variety of different costumes to choose from, characters from cartoons like pirates, ben 10. Or become a superhero, just what you think the game has. With the desire to satisfy players, get the most exciting feeling. Great experience when you can be anyone.

Human Fall Flat Mod

Human: Fall Flat Mod challenges players with many levels with increasing difficulty through each level. With each level, everything is refreshed, from the environment to the scenery. Be it high mountains, a city with amazing night views, simply a golf course, and much more. Players are free to explore. The game will also have things that require unlocking to be able to experience. It will be a whole new effort to open up new features. But do not be satisfied with the new version everything is almost completely free. No more obstacles can stop, let’s challenge yourself with fun puzzles.

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