Human Gun! Mod APK 1.8 (Unlocked)

By HAI NAM - Latest update: 22/11/2022
Human Gun! Mod APK 1.8 (Unlocked)
Name Human Gun!
Version 1.7
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 118MB
Requires Android 10
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Rollic Games


Enjoy the addictive yet action-packed gameplay in Human Gun! Mods. With stickman style combination. Your mission is to collect stickmen to fuse into a gun. Constantly increase the attack ability by increasing the number of stickmen. At the same time overcome the pitfalls on the way to the finish line. Show your strength by firing bullets to overcome the stone blocks. Based on that, the achievement corresponding to the point scale that the stickman gun cannot continue to shoot will be achieved. Join this game you will enjoy many new features. Besides the obstacles that need to be dodged. It is also possible to unlock many unique guns. They will be fused by the stickman to attack more superior. From there, you can achieve excellent results to continue the new journey.

Download Human Gun! Mod – Stickman’s will merge into Assault Guns

The gameplay of Human Gun! The mod is quite simple. But it gives you an interesting and fun experience. At each level, participants will be divided into two phases. Go through the process of collecting stickmen to reach the finish line. Then will be based on the total number of stickmen collected. Each stickman corresponds to a bullet fired. Aim to destroy stone blocks with different scores on an increasing scale. Accordingly, the achievements will be classified to receive rewards. Through the gameplay, you will perform operations according to the simple touch control mechanism. Just tap and swipe on the mobile screen to navigate. Aim to attack to pave the way forward and avoid obstacles. From there can conquer difficult challenges.Human Gun! Mod

Play levels, traps, and obstacles

Promises to bring an exciting journey in Human Gun! Mods. Especially, it will be completely free to experience in offline mode. The mission system takes place according to each level of play. Opens up on a straight line re-enacted in a lighted space. Accordingly, many different obstacles appear. Those are the pitfalls that will reduce your stickman count. It will even cause numerical exhaustion, causing the mission to fail. Along with that are the stone blocks with different display numbers. When bombarding they will have the opportunity to collect more stickmen to increase the number. Helps you to accumulate to increase the power of the gun. From there, prepare for continuous shooting action after reaching the finish line.Download Human Gun! Mod

The quest goes on, and the difficulty increases

Take part in each level of the Human Gun game! Mods. Try to collect stickman as many as possible. Don’t miss any chance to increase the crowd. Through fusion into a gun and attack. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid obstacles, ensuring the number is not reduced. Proceed to the finish line to prove the power of the gun. Complete the task excellently with the score scale achieved. The combination of coins is multiplied after finishing a level. Continuing the new mission, the challenge will increase. Not only the number of obstacles more than before. But also appeared stone blocks showing larger numbers. Make it difficult for you to create a stickman crowd. In order to increase the attack power of the gun after merging.Game Human Gun! Mod

The number of stickmen increases after each level

Starting from the first level of the game Human Gun! Mods. Everything is pretty straightforward and easy to get through. Continuing to the second level will add a little more difficulty. Accordingly, take turns participating in new levels. Although it is possible to collect more stickmen than before to increase the number. At the same time, they will merge as soon as the journey on the road takes place. But parallel to that are obstacles such as traps, barricades,… Especially the appearance of stone blocks. On it appeared the stickman character standing. To rescue to increase the number will have to bombard. At the same time, there is also the appearance of a giant stickman. Requires your gun to fire continuously to destroy before passing. From there will collect more stickmen to improve their attack ability.Tai Human Gun! Mod

Human Gun! Mod provides many different guns. For example pistols, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and many more. Each gun is designed in its own unique style. In the game levels, stickmen are collected and fused. Their strength will correspond to the number of stickmen. Through the use of bonuses accumulated to buy. Or unlock after completing the mission to a certain stage. From there can own to continue the journey. To improve the ability of the gun can be upgraded to increase damage and range.

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