Hungry Shark Evolution MOD 11.2.0 (Menu, God Mode, Unlimited Money, Coins, Diamonds, Full Gems, Boost, Damage, Speed, Onehit)

By MinhDuc - New update 28/05/2024
Hungry Shark Evolution MOD {{version}} (Menu, God Mode, Unlimited Money, Coins, Diamonds, Full Gems, Boost, Damage, Speed, Onehit)
Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Version v11.2.0
Size 121MB
MOD Features Menu, God Mode, Unlimited Money, Coins, Diamonds, Full Gems, Boost, Damage, Speed, Onehit
Support Android 4.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Ubisoft


Hungry Shark Evolution is an action adventure game published by Ubisoft. Revolving around the story of a gluttonous shark, eating everything in the vast ocean. The game only ends when the shark’s health is zero. That is, for a long time the shark can’t eat anything and is hungry. But don’t worry too much, the gameplay of this game is extremely simple. You just need a little ingenuity, control the virtual keys to help the shark hunt. When meeting sly prey, with very fast movement speed. You just need to touch one more finger to accelerate so that no prey can escape.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution Mod – Become a Predator Shark of the Ocean

Quite similar to two other Ubisoft Entertainment products, Hungry Dragon and Hungry Shark World. Hungry Shark Evolution is also a game about hunting to the end and eating everything in your power. When your shark eats a lot and reaches a certain threshold, it will grow big. Your shark will be activated with a super special mode called Gold Rush. This mode is special in that, when it is activated, everything around the fish will turn into gold. And then you will become immortal for a period of time. What are you waiting for without taking this golden opportunity to eat everything. Small animals, or even super big fish bigger than your shark.

Tải xuống Hungry Shark Evolution

Clever to grow up

To be able to become the king of the vast Ocean in the Hungry Shark Evolution. Or you can confidently “slap your chest and say this ocean is mine”. Then your shark has to overcome many challenges and gradually grow up. Initially, you have a baby shark that lives on the bottom of the sea. Only dare to eat fish crabs and small animals. This is an extremely dangerous stage because sharks are young, which will become delicious prey for other species. Relying on his ingenuity, his keen observation ability. You will help the fish wriggle through the dangers and hunt more food. In each game screen, there will be a maximum of 10 levels in total, try to clear these 10 levels. Let your shark appear in the most epic way that not all players have.

Diversity of shark species

The world under the ocean is very vast and diverse. There are countless types of creatures with different shapes, colors and sizes. Sharks are a special kind of fish, but no exception in that variety and abundance. The sharks in the game are simulated according to reality as we often see. But the super version is very cute, cheese sticks. Besides, there are species built according to the colorful imagination of people.

When you first join the game Hungry Shark Evolution, you will get acquainted with a shark named Reef Shark. With a modest physique and extremely small, but it will gradually grow up. After that with increasing size are Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark and Great White Shark. The larger the fishes, the more they will outperform the smaller ones in every way. Not only that, they also help you get bonus money and points.

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When unlocking each species, you can get more necessary skills such as speed, strength. You will have the opportunity to experience many new fish species with special skills. Like Electro Shark’s discharge, Iced Shark’s freezing or even firing a torpedo from Robot Shark. To have those experiences you need to score 500,000 to unlock new seas.

Eat it all, but not all

Throughout the process of playing the version Hungry Shark Evolution, you need to notice the blue bar in the right corner of the screen. That is your health column, you will end the game if the health column returns to 0. The health column will increase when you control the fish to get food. However, there are certain things that when touched will cause the shark to lose blood. Directly reduces the blood column of the fish. Be careful of the beautiful things around you. They look like that, but they will make you lose blood as fast as a car without brakes. Typically transparent jellyfish or colorful stingrays.

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Collect seashells

Besides the main tasks, Hungry Shark Evolution game also has accompanying side quests that you need to perform. That is to collect seashells, when completed you will receive money. That money will help you upgrade and unlock new lands. Seashells do not automatically find us, but we have to look for them in the crevices of rocks. Although it is not difficult to find them, it also requires you to have sensitivity.

3D graphic design in the game

To give players the real feeling of being on the bottom of the ocean. Hungry Shark Evolution is designed with sharp and vivid 3D graphics. Combined with attractive effects, gamers seem to be attracted to the game. With beautiful scenery, along with interesting sound melodies have created a great entertainment game.

Tải xuống miễn phí Hungry Shark Evolution Mod cho Android

Game Hungry Shark Evolution is developed based on 2 platforms, iOS and Android . Launched in 2013 and so far has attracted more than 100 million downloads. A number that is not too large, but also confirms the position of the game on platforms. The game will bring an interesting experience, relieve stress for everyone after tiring working hours.

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