Hungry Shark World MOD 5.7.6 (Menu, Unlimited money diamond coins gems, unlock all)

By MinhDuc - New update 14/05/2024
Hungry Shark World MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money diamond coins gems, unlock all)
Name Hungry Shark World
Version v5.7.6
Size 158MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money diamond coins gems, unlock all
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Ubisoft Entertainment


Join Hungry Shark World MOD APK to become a hungry shark. And will hunt for prey across the vast ocean to fill up. In a vast ocean with countless different sea creatures. The shark is a dominant carnivorous fish in the ocean. With sharp teeth and powerful bites. You will control your shark to find food and conquer many other interesting things. The game was first released in 2016. With the improved versions later, it has brought players many interesting features. Developed by quite large game company Ubisoft Entertainment. A place that has launched with many famous games in the market.

Download Hungry Shark World Mod – The Unstoppable Hunt of Sharks

Hungry Shark World hack is a game set in the ocean hunting of a starving shark. You will feel this gameplay is very familiar if you have ever experienced the heyday of offline computer games. Exactly the legendary big fish eats small fish game. You will get the feeling of returning to the game of childhood memories. But the game also has major differences and improvements compared to its predecessor. When bringing in interesting features and more special missions. The task will become difficult as you advance into the later levels. You will feel very proud when you overcome these arduous and difficult levels.

Game Hungry Shark World Mod

Attractive Gameplay

To turn his little shark into a giant in the game Hungry Shark World . You will have to constantly control your fish to hunt around the ocean. There are countless sea creatures appearing in this vast sea. All are made very similar to the actual creature in real life. Give you more real heart-stopping moments. Your shark can only eat animals smaller than its size. So your fish can eat bigger things when hunting hard. Showing strength and great size to the fullest extent will make you much more excited in this hunt.

In addition to controlling his fish to find edible creatures. Then you will also experience the exciting and dangerous seas. Like a trip to explore the undersea world. All the special seas in the world are waiting for you to explore.

Tai Hungry Shark World Mod

Special Features

In Hungry Shark World Mod  you will need to upgrade your fish every day to become stronger. Difficult missions do not simply require you to have a good control skill. You will need to upgrade your fish continuously to become stronger every day. Quests will give you certain resources according to its difficulty level. You will use this currency to be able to buy everything in the store to make your fish stronger. Change the shape of your fish to become more interesting when playing the game. As well as upgrade its skills to make you grow faster in this vast ocean.

Hungry Shark World Mod

Beautiful Graphics

Hungry Shark World hack owns a set of extremely quality 3D graphics . You will not be disappointed when participating in this game. Made in the direction of multi-view 3D graphics. You will feel the vastness of the ocean in the most authentic way. The details in the game are also done quite well to give you more realism. The colors are varied with creatures made to resemble the most real life colors. Create a highlight in the characteristic blue of the sea. The sound effects of the game are very interesting when you start the hunt. The sound of eating meat or the sound of struggling in the sea will make you feel the game more attractive.

Download Hungry Shark World Mod

You will have a very useful feature. Make it easier for you to play the game in the Hungry Shark World Mod version . Unlimited convenient feature will help you to own everything easily. Resources in this game won’t be easy. Requires you to work hard to complete difficult tasks. Get yourself the most advanced and expensive equipment possible in the game store. Will give you improvements and advantages right from the first screen. Conquering the vast ocean world will become much easier once you get this feature.

Interesting things in Hungry Shark World

  • 42 species of sharks, with 8 different sizes. Including the most powerful predator in the ocean: the great white shark.
  • A huge open world. Explore Islands across the great seas of the earth. Like the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Indian Ocean…
  • Banquet for your sight. Experience the thrill of hunting with quality 3D graphics.
  • Try to survive your hunger. Hunt or fall prey in a world filled with hundreds of dangerous creatures.
  • Level up your shark and equip useful gear to bite harder, swim faster.
  • Customize your predator with a unique look.
  • Over 20 different mission types including high-score challenges, hunting and epic boss fights.
  • Experience the hidden power of the shark with multiple modes. SuperSize mode, dash, blast, hypnosis and more.
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