Hyper Dungeon Mod APK 0.38 (Runes add 255% effect)

By NAM OK - Latest update: 03/05/2023
Hyper Dungeon Mod APK 0.38 (Runes add 255% effect)
Name Hyper Dungeon
Version 0.38
MOD Features Runes adds 255% effect
Size 172MB
Requires Android 5.1+
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Minidragon


Hyper Dungeon Mod is a dungeon-themed RPG. When participating in the game, you will play the role of a hero. With the mission to destroy youkai to protect the peace of mankind. This game has an extremely engaging storyline. With idle play. Just touch and swipe the screen to control your character. Complete all upgrades. But you will never get bored. Because the game has endless adventure and action. You will participate in a long battle journey through many different dungeons. The monster system becomes stronger after each level. Are you ready to explore them all?

Download Hyper Dungeon Mod – Explore and conquer dark dungeons

Perhaps we are not too unfamiliar with the theme of dungeons. But Hyper Dungeon will bring a new breath to the gaming community. The story of the game revolves around your fighting adventure. In the dark world of dungeons. It’s a long journey with hundreds of different levels. In each level, you fight in an area and face separate enemies. You must conquer each area individually to unlock new journeys. Get ready for an endless, non-stop journey. What are you waiting for, not right now is this game on your device? To experience endless dungeon exploration.

Hyper Dungeon Mod


At the beginning of the journey, you will play the role of a hero. What you have at the beginning are a gun and a shield. They will help you defeat weak enemies in the dungeon in the early stages. From there collect gold coins and much other loot. From there you can upgrade your hero to improve strength. Just like that, you have an adventure journey in this dungeon game. Always constantly growing strong.

Ear Hyper Dungeon Mod

To master all challenges, upgrade items are indispensable. But the most important thing is your fighting style. The action mechanism of this game is quite simple. You just need to use the joystick in the center of the screen to move the hero and release your hand to attack. This familiar click-and-drop mechanism is already present in many other games. But if you are not yet proficient, practice regularly to give yourself an advantage on every battlefield. In addition, you need to have a careful plan. Align attack time and reasonable defense. To kill the monsters easily. In addition, choose a priority target to reduce damage to the hero.

Hero upgrade

The difficulty of Hyper Dungeon Mod increases with each level. You will encounter increasingly powerful enemies and frequent boss battles. That’s why you should upgrade your hero. This will help improve some of the hero’s power attributes. Those are stats like Attack Boost, Critical Chance, Max Mana, Health Boost, Defense Boost, and Potion Recovery. The higher these values ​​are, the greater the power and advantage. As a result of leveling up, the hero gains new skills. Help diversify the action strategy. In addition, you must add the necessary equipment such as weapons (swords, knives, bows, wands …), shoes, shields, armor, and healing potions,… They also help improve the features. hero attributes. To own equipment, you need to accumulate gold coins. Equipment can also be upgraded with gold coins. To earn more gold coins,

Game Hyper Dungeon Mod

Weapon system

The system of Hyper Dungeon Mod has many maps that players can explore and collect weapons to fight. Going through many areas will collect the items and weapons you need. In addition to swords, there are many tools, accessories, and electric power. Each product in Hyper Dungeon Mod Money must also have enough coins to collect. You must have at least 600 coins to buy weapons and items. In addition to the missions, you can use the mod version. To get tons of weapons and coins.

download Hyper Dungeon Mod

Classic style graphics system

Hyper Dungeon Mod will impress you with the classic style of 2D graphics. Everything in the game is carefully designed and meticulously detailed. Your every movement on the battlefield is very fluid. There is a chance to see the battle from a 3rd personal perspective. This perspective gives you impressive combat effects. Download Hyper Dungeon Mod and join the endless adventure with the hero. A meaningful journey. Exciting battles are waiting for you to discover.

Download Hyper Dungeon MOD APK (Runes adds 255% effect) 2023

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