Download I The One MOD 3.48.02 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 23/02/2024
I The One MOD 3.48.02 (Unlimited Money)
Name I The One
Version v3.48.02
Size 113MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 6.0
Category Action
Price Free


You are looking for a highly entertaining game. Then download now the game I The One. Created and developed by the CASUAL AZUR GAMES team. Promises to bring simple gameplay that is extremely unique and interesting. The game belongs to the free-fighting action genre. Free for players to express themselves when they become characters. A powerful warrior used to compete against other opponents. Participating players will be constantly included in competitive matches. Fight with each other to find the winner. Survivors to the last moment. The game is built to fight independently, one person at the same time will have to oppose the other five. No friends, teammates, all the same. Aim for the champion position, and become the strongest fighter.

Download I The One MOD – Show Your Ability To Win Every Battle

A thrilling action game is too familiar for many people. You want to find an entertaining game in the true sense of the word. I The One built with free play is a great choice. A game where players will have for themselves countless battles to try. With the goal of winning the championship, aim for the highest position. Of course, it won’t be easy. When the opponent is up to five or six different humans. Together are brought into a certain playing field. There is only one way to win. That is defeating all other opponents, surviving until the end. The rules of the game are almost not too restrictive for players. Feel free to punch and kick as long as you can kill the enemy. Do not hesitate to take on any challenge, try your best to constantly push your limits. The game requires a lot of skill.

Tai I The One Mod

Simple Controls

The control system in me, I The One is built very simply. Any player can grasp how it works. When there are only a few buttons extremely easy. Even for those who are entering the game for the first time. The left is used to move the character, just hold and drag. With an arbitrary direction decided, can rotate 360 ​​degrees. There is almost no dead angle to want to go in any direction, just drag to that mat. And so is the right side. The game is designed with only one button shaped like a fist. Shown for the attack, light touch will trigger. And punching or kicking will depend on the condition of the move and stance. Try the game to see more clearly how it works and have the opportunity to show off your abilities.

Game I The One Mod

Character design

The appearance of the character of I The One Mod is very simple. Taking the form of a human is nothing to argue with. But in terms of details, the game has not been fully described, all are just general. From hair, face to body. Players will see the uniformity in the shape. But don’t think that’s the whole thing. The game is much more than that when using costumes to make up for the shortcoming. With so many different outfits. Not just casual clothes like vests. The game also brings cosplay elements. A very interesting feature. Recreate superheroes, and special characters from famous movies. There’s nothing better than becoming the person you’ve always dreamed of.

I The One Mod

Online Battle Mode

Don’t think that I The One is as simple as it looks. When the game is designed to be played online. In PVP mode, there will be many different opponents for players to try. Not only domestic players but also foreign players. All kinds of genres, fight on a global scale. Just download, and connect to the network to experience. Of course, there will be a bit of trouble and constraints on conditions. When needing more costs to register for the internet as well as where to experience. But that’s not the same as having fun in the process. Encountering powerful enemies, the level is also continuously improved and improved.

Download I The One Mod

I The One Mod is a new version that builds on the original. Of course, everything related to the core feature will be kept. Almost only adding, not reducing, including extremely useful unlimited money mod. Aim to build a great game. Where players do not have to work hard to bury themselves in work and tasks. To seek rewards that help with development. Constantly becoming stronger to conquer all challenges. Join, the money will always remain at the limit. Free to shop, and upgrade the best items.

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