IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK 7.7 (Unlimited Money, Full Fuel, Unlock All Buses)

By MinhDuc - New update 14/10/2023
IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK 7.7 (Unlimited Money, Full Fuel, Unlock All Buses)
Name IDBS Bus Simulator
Version v7.7
Size 101MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Fuel, Unlock All Buses
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers IDBS Studio


Today’s simulation or simulation games are increasingly developing. IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK is one of them, driving simulation. Created and developed by the IDBS Studio team. Due to the authenticity that it brings, it attracts a lot of people interested. When experiencing, the player feels like he is actually driving in a car. Almost the game simulates everything exactly, here is a bus. Try it now to see how great it is to be a driver. With countless tasks set forth, players need to perform. Go to designated locations, pick up and drop off people, and do many other side activities such as refueling or returning to the station. The game takes the terrain of Indonesia as a challenge for players. Many famous places in the country are simulated.

Download IDBS Bus Simulator Mod – Show Your Ability With Bus Driving On Various Roads

Game IDBS Bus Simulator is the developer’s best effort to accurately simulate bus driving. With the desire for those who experience the game to have the most authentic feeling. So when entering, many people feel overwhelmed about the control system is normal. A real bus is even more functional. Don’t worry, it might be a little difficult at first, but it’s sure to become easy over time. Because the game has been optimized almost completely. Symbols for buttons are also denoted by their respective symbols. Once familiar, players will surely love it. When very few games can give such a realistic feel. If you’re ready, don’t be afraid to step into the missions to try, the game is created a lot. Show your driving skills, and complete the assigned tasks as soon as possible.

Tai IDBS Bus Simulator Mod

Drive safe

Don’t know about other games, but for IDBS Bus Simulator Mod driving has to go hand in hand with safety. The game aims to be very realistic, so participating in traffic also needs to comply with the law. While performing the player’s tasks in addition to picking up passengers to designated locations. Must also drive very carefully to avoid accidents to ensure the safety of passengers is considered complete. No one wants to use the service at the expense of injury or other dangerous circumstances. Players too, if they make a mistake, will first be questioned by the police for delaying the shuttle bus. Then there is work, just as the beloved bus can be damaged. Even with a very heavy penalty.

IDBS Bus Simulator Mod

Control System Interface

By entering game IDBS Bus Simulator, players will surely be surprised by the control system. When the game is designed with too many buttons with different functions. With the steering system here is built the whole steering wheel is. Unlike other driving games that use buttons instead, it is very easy to control. Players who want to move in any direction will need to turn in that direction in a certain round. There needs to be some adjustment and estimation. The throttle and brake are placed on the right-hand side with two pedals to create the forehand. Around there are many other buttons such as lights, horns or brakes. The game also has an automatic transmission system with four modes. And at the top will include many other indicators. Quite complicated, to experience the player will also need to take time to learn a bit.

Game IDBS Bus Simulator Mod

Extremely Large Map

The most remarkable thing in IDBS Bus Simulator Mod is the map. The developer takes a lot of care, it can be said to be to every detail. When reconstructing almost exactly some areas of Indonesia. Players when participating in the game will also know some more beautiful scenes of this country. The roads are designed too realistically. Every trace to the lines is created based on reality, there are many vehicles moving back and forth. Even things like gas stations and shops abound. Stretching all over the road, just go a little bit to be able to meet. Not to mention on the map there is a huge bay with many different ships. To discover them all will be a process.

Download IDBS Bus Simulator Mod

IDBS Bus Simulator Mod looks like that. But the game also has a lot of things that require the use of money. Such as changing vehicles, and unlocking new locations. Even refueling is not free but can be done. Not to mention, if you violate traffic, you also have to pay a fine. In return, sometimes performing the task also does not pay the full amount that the player needs to spend. Should create a great invisible pressure. To help this version, there is an unlimited money mod feature. Generate a large amount of money for players to be able to do anything.

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