Idle Lumber Empire Mod 1.9.7 (Free Purchase, VIP)

By MinhDuc - New update 31/05/2024
Idle Lumber Empire Mod {{version}} (Free Purchase, VIP)
Name Idle Lumber Empire
Version v1.9.7
Size 144MB
MOD Features Free Purchase, VIP
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Game Veterans


Have you ever thought about how logging works? Idle Lumber Empire Mod was created and developed by the Game Veterans team. Promises to give you an overview of this industry. When providing the opportunity for players to become managers. Be the owner of a small wood workshop. Start participating in the journey to create the largest wooden empire. With little capital and available conditions. Several ways forests can be exploited, including rudimentary workshops. Players when participating will have to find a way to use all that is available. How to find a lot of orders, solve the problem of capital first. Since then, gradually expanded and upgraded the factory and equipment to become modern. To be able to aim for bigger business.

Download Idle Lumber Empire Mod – Challenge Yourself In A Leadership Role Deciding Everything

Like many other Idle games, the same goes for Idle Lumber Empire Mod. Join the game, players will have to go step by step to be able to create an empire. Opening with a small factory that can only be exploited by the surrounding forest. Tools and processing equipment are sketchy, the staff is only two to three people. It is really difficult to be lacking in all aspects. But that is the challenge that the game creates that requires players to overcome to prove themselves. Consider, giving priority to making money first, must accumulate enough to be able to go to the next steps. Looking for customers, although initially just small orders. But that is the only source of income that players can make. Please complete well, gradually new opportunities will come. As orders increase, profits will also go up.Download Idle Lumber Empire Mod

Improving Forests

What Idle Lumber Empire Mod deals in is wood. This is a resource that can be completely depleted due to over-exploitation. Once uncontrolled, if you really leave the forest alone, the consequences are unexpected. The company will not have the raw materials to continue operating, which can completely lead to stagnation. Should go hand in hand with mining players also need to renovate the forest ways. The game is designed with a very large land area. Don’t be afraid to hire more people to expand the tree planting business. Increase recovery speed, at least equal to or even more than vandalism. Only then will we ensure the conditions for the company to continuously develop. When the input is enough, the output is also guaranteed. Complete valuable orders to earn a lot of profit.Idle Lumber Empire Mod

Machinery and Equipment Improvement

In order to have a strong company, it is impossible to ignore the investment and improvement of equipment. Even Idle Lumber Empire Mod is the same. Initially, with small orders of rudimentary tools, it is still possible to meet the requirements. But gradually the scale will be increased. It is natural that machines need to have more. Not to mention there will be large customers with very high requirements for quality. Not only requires solid wood but also requires the finished product. It is necessary to have suitable machines and lines to be able to produce. The same goes for mining work, must constantly upgrade equipment if you want to ensure the quantity in the assigned time.Game Idle Lumber Empire Mod

Make Ads

It is not enough to grow a company in Idle Lumber Empire Mod to grow beyond focusing on production. To increase their capital players need to invest in both advertising and marketing. How to attract as many customers to buy. They are the ones who will directly pay and are the only source of income. If you do well, you can get large orders. Although the factory will continuously have to operate at full capacity to meet the requirements. But compared to the profit that can be made it is totally worth it. There is one more important thing. Players need to control enough in terms of quantity as well as within the allowed time limit. To provide customers with the best service.Tai Idle Lumber Empire Mod

Joining Idle Lumber Empire Mod players will need to spend a lot of money. For various things such as buying machines, upgrading equipment. Or hiring more workers, and expanding factories. But to earn it back is an extremely difficult challenge. When you have to try little by little, completing each order to earn a small amount. Rapid growth is almost impossible. But no need to worry about the mod version, everything will be different. Added unlimited money feature, the player’s account is almost always in the highest state. You can freely use it in everything without limitation.

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