Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod 2.7.3 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 31/01/2024
Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod 2.7.3 (Unlimited Money)
Name Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon
Version v2.7.3
Size 57MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers FERA Idle Tycoon & Sim Games


The game market today is very diverse with all genres. But if you need to find an idle game with humanistic meaning. Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod is a great choice. Created and developed by FERA Idle Tycoon & Sim Games team. The game promises to bring a great and new experience to players. When being in the role of a manager of boats at sea. Create build and not develop to create a group of people. Take on a mission to collect plastic waste across the oceans that are affecting the ecosystem. As well as returning the habitat to the creatures in the sea. Not only that, but the game also has a message that wants to bring promotion to many people. Make everyone more conscious when joining hands to clean up garbage.

Download Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod – Build a Team Specializing in Recycling Income

Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod except built for entertainment purposes. The game also has a very important message and a warning to everyone living on earth. Is a game that simulates the current state of the ocean in reality today. It is gradually flooded with plastic waste everywhere. We need to do something to stop this right away. Challenge the game, form a team that specializes in sailing on the sea, going around to collect. Constantly looking for ways to develop, looking for more members to create a company. For the ocean, join hands, and go to places where garbage is collected and sorted. See what can be reused at recycling sites. It is entirely possible to earn a source of income. One work but two jobs,Download Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod

Vehicle Upgrade

Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod is not designed to be simple. The game has many locations to challenge players with a huge amount of garbage. Mainly consists of solid objects stemming from the lack of consciousness of many people, throwing away miscellaneous things. It is also available in liquid form, which is very harmful to the environment. And there is not only one type, the real difficulty here is that the garbage is divided into three categories. Requires players to constantly upgrade equipment as well as vehicles to transport. Use the regular upgrade feature, and keep improving constantly. To speed of movement, rate of income, or at the same time can become a lot of garbage. It will greatly reduce the cleaning service time.Game Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod

Unlock More Locations

Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod is not just designed with a single location. For players to have a great experience, as well as see the vastness of the ocean. It is completely possible to unlock more places to try. Those are the new islands, of course, there are also wastes that affect the ecosystem. Need players to clean up, more challenging with a huge amount of garbage. But it’s also a place where you can earn an income. Take it all to be sorted and then take it to the recycling sites. There is certainly no shortage of rewards and returns.Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod

Offline Games

To be able to play Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod, it is very easy for players to just download. The game is designed to be played offline. That is, without a network connection, you can completely access and use it. A feature that very few games can keep now. No cost, no restrictions on location, open and use anywhere. But so the game is not inferior at any point compared to online games. Although you will not be able to meet or interact with other players, you will be able to try your hand at the machine in return. Designed by the developer to be highly challenging, making players constantly try if they want to improve themselves.Tai Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod

Earning income in any game is necessary, Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon Mod is no exception. The game also has things that require money, such as upgrades. Unlock some new features, and maps to try or buy necessary items. But usually, the value will not be cheap, putting pressure on players. To reduce the load, to help players breathe easier than the mod versions are created. In this game is the unlimited money mod, bringing a huge amount of money for players to spend.

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