Download Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod 1.12.0 (Unlimited Coins) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 16/02/2024
Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod 1.12.0 (Unlimited Coins)
Name Idle Pirate Tycoon
Version v1.12.0
Size 72MB
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Kolibri Games


Surely you already know the concept of pirates. Because there are many movies and animations that have exploited this issue. Now with Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod, you will get the most authentic and correct look. Created and developed by the Kolibri Games team. The game is designed based on real documents in reality. Aim to bring the most authentic understanding. When participating in the game, the player will become a captain. Have full control over your pirate crew. Towards the goal of dominating a huge sea. Build the most powerful empire on the vast ocean, making any enemy fear. Starting from a meager condition, build ships to begin the challenge. Set sail to capture gold and silver, items to constantly improve the squad.

Download Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod – Build the Most Powerful Pirates on the Big Sea

Currently, there are also a number of games that are created based on the pirate element. But almost all of them follow the action gameplay, fighting to kill each other. Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod is an exception when designed according to the theme of construction as well as development. That is, players, do not only go to capture and rob the property of boats on the sea. But here, with that amount of money, you have to think of a way. Constantly building more and more facilities. Find more members to increase strength, and create a powerful pirate crew. Try your best to buy and build more boats. Because the location of the game is mainly taking place on the sea. Build up a powerful empire, ever-expanding scale. With the goal of controlling a huge sea, including many different islands. The game is built on many islands for players to freely try.Download Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod

Pirate Warship

For a pirate, the most important thing is the ship. Although Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod is a simulation game, it is completely based on that. The game is built with many different types of ships, not simple in every shopping. Upgrading can also completely change the design as well as the power. Do not hesitate to invest, this is the main strength that determines the development of the whole pirate crew. Small boats are also available, but the effect is not high. With larger ships, the ability to capture enemy ships is extremely advantageous. Not to mention the size, especially in terms of weaponry. The cannons have great destructive power. Vitality is also correspondingly based on modernity.Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod


To develop the pirate crew in Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod. Players not only need to develop a team of pirates as well as ships. Building a base is also extremely important. The game has a lot of different buildings, so don’t miss it. Not to mention the watchtower, designed very high for the purpose of controlling visibility. Avoid being suddenly attacked by the enemy, because pirates are an extremely dangerous profession. Housing is used for members to live while on shore. In the warehouse where a huge amount of goods can be stored, any loot can be stored. If you see a complete dislocation, you can expand it further. The game is not limited in number, there are many other works. Free for players to explore, and feel the special gameplay of the pirates.Game Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod

Various Modes

The mode in Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod is built with two styles. Join the game players can not only play offline. That is, without a network connection, you can also enter to experience. Challenge yourself to build a powerful pirate empire. Any place can be opened and entertained, almost free of space constraints. You can also try the online game genre. Connect to the network to meet other players. Increase interactivity, as well as make friends and share difficulties and experiences together. Not only that, completely players can invite more friends and family members. Increase the bond that holds people together.Tai Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod

Join Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod, players will enjoy the most exciting experience. Due to the design of the game, there is an infinite coin mod feature, which is the value of money. Feel free to use it, such as shopping for the best pirate ships. Or upgrade them all, making the ice’s strength increase rapidly from the start. Become the greatest force that makes everyone afraid. And yet, the game is also designed with a lot of work. Players can use constantly build, and create the best conditions for development.

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