Idle Taxi Tycoon Mod 1.16.0 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 31/01/2024
Idle Taxi Tycoon Mod 1.16.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name Idle Taxi Tycoon
Version v1.16.0
Size 93MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Kolibri Games


Have you ever thought of owning a taxi company? Or have you ever thought of mastering a business model by returning customers? Come to Idle Taxi Tycoon Mod which will turn you into a boss, a talented manager. The game is designed in a fun and interesting style. Here players will build a team of taxis, the largest in the city, and surpass the competing firms. The goal will be to serve and transport all customers, no matter where they are in every corner. Turn your staff into hard workers, thereby bringing in a lot of revenue. The taxi company will grow more and more, always the number one choice of everyone in town.

Download Idle Taxi Tycoon Mod – Manage an idle taxi station in the city

Coming to Idle Taxi Tycoon Mod you will start with only one taxi. And an assistant brother is always there to advise when starting to work hard to get money. After a process, the player has gained experience, thereby equipping many other cars. Build a mini taxi station with fun staff. Find every customer and compete with rivals, and make your taxi company famous throughout the city. In addition, the decision to hire employees or equip additional vehicles also needs to be carefully considered. Financial management will be a decisive factor, in whether your taxi company will develop and grow or not.Idle Taxi Tycoon mod

Operational Process Management

As mentioned above, when starting with Idle Taxi Tycoon Mod you need to work hard. To have money to buy more cars and hire more employees. But in order for them to work effectively and hard you need to provide them with necessary conditions such as. A place to sleep, food, and water, is their motivation for them after tiring working hours. Gradually, there will be a lot of customers everywhere such as in hospitals, schools, airports, etc. Let’s build as many taxi stations in different locations, which can meet all the needs of customers. In addition, please regularly maintain and equip the necessary equipment to ensure that your service is the best.Idle Taxi Tycoon mod

Hire and upgrade staff

To be able to thrive in the city of Idle Taxi Tycoon Mod, a great staff team is indispensable. Once you have acquired a certain number of customers, you need to know how to make them come back to you the next time. Keep looking for employees with unique abilities, personalities, and charisma. Or the staff with high-class driving skills bring enjoyment to customers. In addition, create a call center team, that can answer the phone and consult at any time. This also helps drivers a lot when they are in the process of driving and returning passengers. Constantly training and upgrading the staff to help them get to a high level. Equivalent to working productivity with efficiency also greatly increased.Game Idle Taxi Tycoon mod

Unlimited taxi station expansion

When the quality of your service is too good, customers will be more and more crowded. The system of Idle Taxi Tycoon Mod allows you to build an unlimited bus station to pick up passengers. It is possible to equip additional tables and chairs, and necessary equipment or change the surrounding landscape. Make customers feel friendly and relaxed while waiting. Better yet, you can also build temporary lounges or bedrooms. Increasingly improving and developing, your taxi company will grow stronger and stronger, eliminating other competitors.

Colorful graphics and images

Idle Taxi Tycoon Mod only carries a 2D graphics quality, but the display image is extremely impressive. Gives players extremely rich viewing angles, very clear effects, and movements. You can observe all the surroundings such as houses, and trees. Very friendly images. Everything in the taxi station such as tables and chairs, vehicles, machines, or people moving around. Right in front of your eyes is very lively, giving people an interesting Idle Taxi Tycoon mod

Idle Taxi Tycoon Mod brings a sense of relaxation to players. With a light and fun playing style design, you can play at any time when you are free. You will be a boss, a talented manager, and the richest in the city. What are you waiting for, let’s download the game to experience and enjoy this fun.

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