Download Idle Workout Master Mod APK 2.3.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 28/10/2023
Idle Workout Master Mod APK 2.3.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Name Idle Workout Master
Version v2.3.0
Size 98MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers EZ Games JSC.


Idle Workout Master Mod is an idle game. When participating will enjoy interesting gameplay. The content revolves around training athletes and boxing competitions. Accordingly, a series of different tasks will be opened. Coming to this game, you will be playing in offline mode. It’s completely free and uses the game’s own featured currency to trade. This will help you to be able to dig deeper into the content, but it takes a lot of time to experience. More specifically, you will discover the unique features that the publisher brings. More than 30 exercises to develop the student’s muscle groups. Also, have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards after winning boxing and MMA matches.

Download Idle Workout Master Mod – Train Students To Lead Into Competitions

The gameplay of Idle Workout Master Mod is quite simple. But it is highly addictive. As a professional trainer. Your mission is to take students and train them to develop muscle groups. Then lead each student to participate in a boxing match. Compete with opponents in the ring and sort out the winners and losers. Thereby testing the ability of the students you have trained. At the same time, you will receive attractive rewards after winning. Continuing the career of a professional coach. You will receive many new students. From there, develop a career to earn a lot of money. To invest in a gym to become more modern. This will attract new students to join.Idle Workout Master Mod

Idle earning gameplay and upgrades

The content of the game Idle Workout Master Mod is in the style of idle. Your mission is to develop your career to earn a lot of money. Accordingly, from receiving students and training them to develop muscle groups. In order to change the body, body, and health to become more outstanding. Through workouts done over time. At that time, it will constantly increase the amount of money in possession. They can be used to upgrade each student’s muscle groups. That will increase the rate of receiving money more and more. At the same time go through competitive matches and win. Also, get a big bonus to accumulate. Over time career development, and overcoming opponents in more difficult matches. The bonus received also from there increased even more.Game Idle Workout Master Mod

More than 30 workouts

Over 30 different workouts in your gym. It is done through the exercise equipment provided by Idle Workout Master Mod. Typically like pushups, dumbbells, leg exercises, barbells,… and more. Each exercise will develop different muscle groups. Because they are directly affected by the exercise performed. For example, going up the bar will help develop the shoulder and arm muscles. Weightlifting exercises will help strengthen the thighs and calves. Or crunches to reduce belly fat and increase lean muscle. There are many other exercises that you will give the students to practice. Through it will improve strength, and fitness and change appearance. Helping students from a thin, sick person. Become a tall and muscular athlete.Tai Idle Workout Master Mod

The match, the process

The matches in Idle Workout Master Mod are divided into levels. Follow the competitive gameplay of 1vs1 between two boxers. On the platform will compete against each other to find the winner. Here, lead the boxer you train to join the match. The ability is expressed through the stats of strength, speed, and health. During the match, two boxers will attack each other. With typical boxing moves to deal damage to opponents. After a while, the boxer who is defeated and cannot continue fighting will lose. The remaining person will win to receive the prize. When your boxer wins the championship can continue to the next fight. Have the opportunity to compete with many other boxers.Download Idle Workout Master Mod

Each student when trained by you to change themselves in Idle Workout Master Mod. Will be divided into 3 main muscle groups, including arms, legs, and body. Accordingly, each muscle group has 3 different indicators that need to be upgraded. Includes training, speed, and weight. To be able to maximize those stats will need to spend a large amount of money. But what it brings will be clearly seen in the student’s body. From height, and weight, to appearance. Then will strengthen the strength to be ready for the matches. Continuing the career of a professional coach. You will recruit many new students. Thanks to the upgrade of the gym to improve the training equipment. That will attract more and more people to come.

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