Imposter 3D: online horror MOD 9.9.4 (Menu, Dumb enemy, Money, Get Rewards, No Ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 24/03/2024
Imposter 3D: online horror MOD {{version}} (Menu, Dumb enemy, Money, Get Rewards, No Ads)
Name Imposter 3D
Version v9.9.4
Size 70MB
MOD Features Menu, Dumb enemy, Money, Get Rewards, No Ads
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Snow Bat


Imposter 3D: online horror is an entertaining game that takes the image of familiar Imposter uncles. The image of special characters in the legendary game Among Us must have been seen or played by everyone. Following the explosion of this special game, we can now experience a game with new gameplay. Your crew is stranded on a planet full of monsters. The journey to rescue the comrades is still very difficult and challenging. Team up with other players to be able to escape from this dark and dangerous place together.

Download Imposter 3D: online horror Mod – Rescue Trapped Friends

Imposter 3D is a game that you can experience completely for free. With gameplay with a high level of interaction with other teams participating. An ideal game for you and your loved ones to play together. Bring more fun as people can now chat live as if they were close to each other. There will be a certain amount of players to start this journey. There are also alien monsters on the spaceship now. Move logically so as not to run into all of them. Find teammates and set traps to destroy the monsters.

Download Imposter 3D online horror Mod

Start Joining the Game

Imposter 3D: online horror is a game released on both Android and iOS operating systems. You will easily join the game on any mobile device. A game that will take you a fair amount of time to get used to the gameplay. You will receive the first instructions to start the game more easily. You will control your character with smartly arranged navigation keys on the phone screen. Each type of button will have different effects, after a few times, you will get used to how to use them. Most importantly, the strategy you use to play, freeing everyone will not be easy.

Game Imposter 3D online horror Mod

Attractive Features

Imposter 3D Mod is a highly interactive game between your teammates. Everyone can talk live and hear their teammates through the mobile device’s mic and speakers. This feature will almost be the key point so that you can not miss an interesting entertaining game. The distance between people is now almost narrowed to just the screen of the phone. Talking together will also help you and your teammates more easily overcome challenges. If you don’t want to, you can also turn off your mic to not be recorded. There are enough options for you to feel free to choose.

Tai Imposter 3D online horror Mod

Impressive Graphics Of The Game

Version Imposter 3D: online horror Mod is a transformed game, taking the character image of an explosive game. But made in the form of 3D graphics, giving you a more wonderful experience. You will control your character in the first person perspective, bringing a more immersive feeling than ever. The wide and flexible viewing angle makes you feel like you are participating in an FPS game. The scene in the game is taken from the interior of a spaceship. Because of the crash, there will not be much light, each player will be equipped with a separate flashlight. The colors of the characters are also made much more vibrant and fresh. These colors will become even more prominent in the gloomy landscape of the cabin.

Imposter 3D online horror Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the game version of Imposter 3D Mod. With the unlimited money feature, you can do as many things as you want. There will be tools to help you play games that you need to spend money to use. In addition, there are also types of pages and items for sale in the game’s store. With unlimited money from the start, you will own them easily. No more trying to earn and accumulate each amount of resources collected during the game. This feature will help you play the game in a much more fun and easy way. Only on this special version of the game.

Most popular MOD feature

This is a list of MOD features that many gamers are looking for and extremely love and desire to own

  • MOD menu
  • Disable enemies
  • Get free rewards
  • No advertising
  • Full Unlimited money, gold, diamonds, gems

In addition, Imposter 3D: online horror Mod is also loved for other interesting things, such as this diverse game mode. The game has up to 5 game modes for you to explore. That is:

  1. Mafia – up to 10 players
  2. PvE – against computer-controlled impostors.
  3. PvP – fight impostors as online players.
  4. Zombie – anyone caught by an impostor will become an impostor.
  5. Hide and seek – hide behind an astronaut and hold out until the end of the round.

There is also a unique 3D map system, spoiled for experience. And the most interesting thing is the drama due to the horror element. Try the thrill of hunting down an impostor with just a flashlight in your hand. Although it’s a bit scary, it’s quite interesting and engaging.

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