Jackal Retro Mod 2.2.157 (Menu, Damage, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Energy)

By MinhDuc - New update 04/04/2024
Jackal Retro Mod {{version}} (Menu, Damage, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Energy)
Name Jackal Retro
Version v2.2.157
Size 190MB
MOD Features Menu, Damage, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Energy
Support Android 4.4
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers FALCON JSC


Jackal Retro with accessible gameplay mechanics, suitable for adventurous hobby? Are you a enthusiast of shooting games? You want to experience the fun on your own smartphone. With funny and realistic 3D graphics, it will surely satisfy any gamer in this exciting battle. Just a Jeep and a bunch of destructive weapons. Crossing the dense defenses, you will enter the enemy’s military barracks. Use every skill you have to make the enemy unable to resist and surrender. With those outstanding abilities, the task will be easily completed.

The feeling of victory when killing bad guys and rescuing hostages. One of the factors that make up the appeal of Jackal Retro. And now, let’s start fighting and rescue the captives from the wicked.

Download Jackal Retro MOD – Journey to destroy thousands of enemies and rescue hostages

Jackal Retro will provide players with all the information needed to start the fight. Once you have identified the hostage location, you will control the jeep by long-pressing on the screen. Then move your finger in the directions so that the car goes in the direction you want. The game will equip gamers with full military weapons. The large number of enemies and uncompromising will further stimulate your fighting ability? Move and use all skills to destroy all enemies. Free the hostages and bring them to a safe area. Get to the last point and win. So don’t give your opponent a chance to destroy you!

Dowload Jackal Retro MOD

Upgrade weapons ready to fight

In the Jackal Retro game, there will be two types of weapons used mainly when fighting. These are guns with different firepower and hand grenades. We can just move to avoid enemy attacks. Just use shooting skills to defeat opponents. You will be provided with a map so that you can easily find the location and attack the enemy. The challenge will take place according to the level of difficulty gradually. This is a game worth a try. Ready to perform any task set out. Each mission ends, you will receive valuable rewards. Includes: gold coins and banknotes in corresponding quantities.

Rewards received in Jackal Retro Mod will help you upgrade weapons, serving later attacks. The more powerful the weapon, the more destructive it is and the closer victory will be. Upgrading Jeep is one of the very important activities to increase attack power. Deal damage and easily destroy enemy military bases. In addition, skillful movement will help you dodge the enemy’s sudden counterattack. In addition, you can also use first aid items and restore energy to the Jeep when it is about to run out. From there will increase the survival rate higher, continue the extremely fierce battle

Tải Jackal Retro MOD

Various combat missions

Each level in the Jackal Retro game will have different tasks and special points. Typically, rescue prisoners in the enemy’s garrison, skillfully bring them to a safe place. Control the jeep to shoot down enemy defenses. Get support skills, shoot continuously at the enemy base to destroy as quickly as possible, to win. Each mission will have a different difficulty level. There are times when you will have to complete many tasks in one level. That diversity will certainly be attractive challenges for players. However, when we face difficult challenges, we will learn many valuable lessons.

Game Jackal Retro MOD

Attractive diverse map

Each level will be dangerous military locations of the enemy that you have to overcome. Enemies will appear unexpectedly with extremely large numbers, with a lot of destructive weapons. We will have to learn to adapt to many different circumstances. With strong fighting ability, good will surely triumph over evil. Handling unexpected situations will easily help you confront and overcome all difficulties.

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Jackal Retro Mod is suitable for short-term entertainment with the speed of a fairly fast level. Rely on the skillful skills and good reflexes of the player to defeat the enemy. Rescue the hostages successfully and get the final victory. And also do not forget to upgrade your weapons to gain strength, increase your ability to fight this fierce battle. Let’s see how far you will go in this simple but extremely interesting game. Download Jackal Retro now and try it alone or with friends, experience this exciting and exciting game!

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