Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod 0.0.1516 (Menu, Damage, Immortality, Speed)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/02/2024
Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod 0.0.1516 (Menu, Damage, Immortality, Speed)
Name Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting
Version v0.0.1516
Size 151MB
MOD Features Menu, Damage, Immortality, Speed
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.


Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod is an easy entertainment game suitable for everyone involved. You will control your tank to confront other opponents on a map. A game that requires players to have a relatively good handling reflex if they want to win. With a diverse system of gates and different difficulty levels for you to easily get used to. A great entertainment tool if you want to reduce the stress of work or study. Immerse yourself in the exciting entertainment moments of the tank shooting game. The person who breaks all the gates will become the most skilled gamer.

Download Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod – Cam Go And Fierce Tank Battles

Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod is a game where you control your own tank. With special weapons equipped, you will move while shooting ballistic missiles at the enemy. Need a quick reflex to be able to dodge the opponent’s responses in time. Move so that your car does not get hit by bullets and lose blood. You will stop the game if your tank’s health bar runs out. Alone you will have to face many other tank opponents in a match. Try to limit the amount of damage as much as possible so that you can have enough energy and get through the entire journey.

Download Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod

Burning War

Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod is a game that you will be able to join completely for free. With the release on both Android and iOS platforms, you can easily join quickly. Coming to the first greeting screen of the game, the officer will teach you how to use the game. Then the first easy levels will appear for you to practice. The gameplay is not difficult for you to control. The difficulty here is that your opponents are gradually becoming stronger and the number is also increasing. Therefore, the player’s control skills will also need to be further upgraded. Experience you will gradually learn as you go through the easy to difficult stages of the game to become a good gamer.

Game Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod

Interesting Features

Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod is a game with a lot of features waiting for you to discover. The map system of the game is very diverse, each stage you will fight in a different scene. In order to bring players not to be too bored by repetitive things. You can also change the shape of your car in the game store. By spending a certain amount of resources to be able to own them. Not only upgrade the appearance, but you can also upgrade the power of the tank you own. This feature will help you be more balanced and face the difficult challenges that await.

Tai Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod

Game Graphics

Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod is a game developed on a 2D platform. Gives you a smooth experience with very little lag. The visual style that the game uses is quite classic. When everything is drawn with strong lines, there are not so many soft curves. This effect is quite interesting and very suitable for the gameplay of the game. Details in the game are made moderately sharp so that you can experience the best. The colors in the game are designed according to each level you go through. Some places will become gloomy with dark colors. There are screens that will be bright with energetic colors.

Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting Mod

You will get a lot of interesting features when you join the Jackal Squad game version – Arcade Shooting Mod. The features of damage, immortality, and speed are the things that you will own when participating in this version. The damage feature will increase the damage dealt to enemy vehicles significantly. Allows you to quickly destroy the enemies that are becoming very crowded. You will become strong, not defeated when owning the immortal feature of this game Mod version. Along with that is the acceleration feature, which will help your car run much faster than usual.

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